Hondo EVH Deluxe 1980s- $150

Fair, but playable condition Hofner Model 448 small-bodied acoustic guitar from the late 1960s.  This model was produced for less than three years from 1968 to 1970 with a 14½" lower bout body width, as opposed to the usual 16" on the other Hofner acoustics. It was also unique in having an adjustable steel bridge screwed down directly onto the body top

This is playable, but has issues including the laminate is cracked in many places and there are small dings on the body.  The truss rod is not functional (the truss rod nut only spins).  The action is pretty good, playable, but gets a bit high up the neck.  There is 1 replacement tuner and a loose piece in the bridge.  Made in Germany, S/N 55089.  More info: http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/gallery/flattops/ftop40.html

​Beautiful and rare Taylor 512M 1996 Limited Edition Grand Concert all-mahogany acoustic with original hard case.  I believe there were only 102 of this model built and signed on the inside label by Robert Taylor himself.  Warm mahogany and the forever sustain of a Taylor.  This has been owned by one adult owner, lightly used and well-cared for

Top, sides and back are solid mahogany. Scalloped braces. Mother of Pearl Taylor logo on headstock, rosette and diamond fingerboard markers on the fingerboard.  Satin finish back of neck. Gold Grover tuners.

Cosmetically this is in excellent condition.​

​Good condition Jackson JS22 Dinky Electric. with new Ernie Ball .09 strings.

Poplar body with satin black finish, 26.5" 1-Piece Maple Neck.  Amaranth fingerboard with piranha tooth Inlays.  Jackson string-through-body hardtail and Jackson High-Output Humbucking bridge and neck pickups.

This plays well and rocks out as it should.  Has some scratches from normal use.

Oahu vintage lap slide guitar - $300

Luxor Model 4257 MIJ Acoustic - $125

Very good condition lefty Ibanez SZ520QM quilted maple and honey burst finish, string through body electric with an upgraded pair of Bill Lawrence USA humbuckers.  Mae in Korea.

The SZ520QM is an SZ series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 2003.  Quilted maple top with binding on a mahogany body mated to a set-in mahogany neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with binding.  The initial models had Ibanez SZ pickups.  In 2005 these were replaced by Seymour Duncan designed Duncan/Ibanez pickups specially made for the series.  This model has 2 Bill Lawrence USA humbuckers, a nice upgrade!


"The Jackson is such an upgrade!" - Jake P.

Schecter Diamond Series C-6 Elite - $225

Taylor 512M Limited Edition -$1,600

Good to fair condition Ibanez RG120 solid body electric, circa 2002

2 Ibanez humbuckers, 3-way pickup selector switch, tremolo bridge with trem arm.  The action is good and this is nicely playable.   I just set up with new strings.

Cosmetically this has several scratches and a couple of dings.  Made in Korea

1959/'60 Silvertone Model 1417 -$650

Hofner Model 448 vintage acoustic - $195

Good condition circa 1949-1951 Kalamazoo Vintage Lap Steel with original case and attached ¼” cable.  These were produced by Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

This is in generally good and playable condition with wear that would be expected from an instrument of this age.

The ¼” cable connection is temperamental and requires a shake here and there for connectivity

Penco A-14 Vintage Acoustic - $225

Kramer ZX30H, EMG designed pups- $275

Takamine 12 String Acoustic Electric -$425

Good condition Alvarez Regent RD20CU cutaway acoustic electric.  I just had my luthier go through this and replace the nut and give this a general once-over.

This plays easily and sounds good both plugged in and unplugged.  There is significant wear from usage in the area of the first 5 frets of the fretboard.

Sounds good with a new set of Fender 80/20 bronze .12 - .052 70L light strings.

“Bought a Peavey VTM-120 amp-head from Paul. Fantastic condition, fresh tubes with service paperwork and contact info for his personal tech. Great price. Very cordial, honest, great to deal with. Ideal situation all around. Highly recommend.” - Will H.

Silvertone Artist Vintage Lap Steel - $325

"Fair prices, trustworthy.  Thanks for an awesome guitar!" - Rita J.


Very good condition Epiphone Les Paul 100, with Epiphone hard case.  This plays very well with a solid, straight neck and newer strings.

This Epi Les Paul 100 features a slightly slimmer body than the Epi Les Paul Standard, making it comfortable and very playable. Two hot open-coil humbuckers provide plenty of output.  Dual volume and tone controls.

This was adult-owned and lightly played.  Comes with a good condition Epiphone hard case.

Goya by Martin 12 string acoustic - $175

Very good condition 2017 Schecter C-6 Elite electric in vintage sunburst, double cutaway HH with flamed maple top and fixed bridge

Equipped with Schecter Diamond Plus pickups with volume/tone/3-way switch controls and a Tune-o-Matic bridge.  The beveled edges provide comfort and the cutaway gives complete access to all 24 extra-jumbo frets. The basswood string-through body provides warmth, along with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard.

Cosmetically this is in good shape, no significant scratches or dings.  Made in Indonesia.

“I recently picked up a wonderful Art & Lutherie from Paul which was more than fairly priced and am very happy with the experience and the guitar. Thanks Paul, you're great. 10/10!" - Taylor N.

Good condition circa 1959 to mid-1960’s Silvertone Artist lap steel in gray pearloid with original case

This has 3 original tuners and 3 non original tuners (of which 2 are missing the knob).  There is a scratch on the pickup cover

“Amazing Service, great Prices, Friendly People, and the coolest guitars and amps!
I rate this business 11/10, 6 stars (out of 5), and 110% satisfied with my new guitar! Highly recommend doing business with them." - Tristan A.

Good condition and nicely playable Goya by Martin Model G410 12 string acoustic guitar.  (Goya was purchased by Martin in 1976).  These models were primarily produced in the ‘70s and ‘80s into the early ‘90s.

This is easily playable with good action up and down the neck and has a new set of strings.

This has a few small dings and some scratching from normal use.  Made in Korea.  

Good condition 1980s Kramer ZX30H HSS with Soloist Designed by EMG passive pickups.  These were produced between 1986 and 1989.

5 way pickup selector switch, 1 volume and 2 tone controls.  This plays nicely and has some great high gain rip!   Neckplate says Neptune, NJ, USA but this is an import.

Includes a vintage Kramer soft carrying case.  Cosmetically has some light scratching around the pickguard area, otherwise in pretty good shape.

Epiphone Les Paul 100 w/HSC - $200

Excellent condition Epiphone by Gibson SG Special electric guitar

2 humbucker pickups with 3-way pickup selector switch, 1 volume and 1 tone knob.  This one was adult-owned, plays well with nice action, and sounds as it should.

Good condition and very cool looking Penco A-14 M acoustic guitar, circa 1974 – 1978.  Made in Japan, by the Hoshino Gakki Co. in its Nagoya, Japan factory, Penco made Martin and Gibson style acoustic guitars. Reverse engineered and built to spec, Penco produced some of the closest replicas of the Martin D-28, D-41, D-45, and D-45 12 models in existence today.

This A-14 dreadnought acoustic plays very nicely with a solid straight neck and new strings.  I believe this is a solid spruce top with laminated maple backs and sides.  It’s a beautiful finish color, my pix don’t do it justice.  Screw adjustable bridge modeled after the Gibson Heritage Jumbo bridge of that period.

“It's great to work with professionals who know their stuff, their business model takes the pain out of shopping for the right gear. I look forward to working with you on my next purchase." - Dan C.

Very good condition circa 1984 Hondo Van Halen Deluxe.  This is a nice Strat copy decked out EVH style and with more gain than a typical 80’s Strat IMO

Maple neck and fretboard, hardtail bridge, 5 way pickup selector switch, 1 volume and 2 tone controls.  This plays well up and down the fretboard.

Cosmetically this is in very good shape especially considering it’s age.  I think this is made in Korea.

Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Electric Ukulele- $160

I am always looking to buy and sell used Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Ibanez, Jackson and other electric guitars as well as Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Godin, Yamaha and other high quality used acoustic guitars.....and now lap steels and mandolins too!

Good condition Silvertone Model 1417 bronze finish dolphin nose electric.  Danelectro-built with a single Dano lipstick pickup.  This model (with the side-mounted jack) was in production from late 1959 to 1960 (top-mounted model was 1415 from ’61-’62).  Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, solid center body, Dano adjustable bridge, tone and volume controls and a tone switch.

This is very playable and the electronics work fine.  The action is good and playable up the entire fretboard.  Cosmetically there is a chip on the front behind the bridge and age-appropriate wear, particularly on the back of the neck.  

Epiphone SG Special - $140

Alvarez RD20CU Acoustic Electric - $185

Ibanez RG120 Electric MIK - $125

Excellent condition, lightly used Oscar Schmidt/Washburn Model OU-5E Acoustic Electric Ukulele.
UK-3000 Electronics with Treble/Bass/Volume control and Grover Tuners.

This is a Concert sized Uke that is between a Soprano and a Tenor.  Looks awesome and sounds great. Comes with a spare set of strings.Comes with Oscar Schmidt plush-lined hardshell case

Lefty Ibanez SZ520QM Upgraded- $275

“Absolutely in love with the Harmony acoustic.  Definitely a great place to check out" - Cody M.

Kalamazoo by Gibson Vintage Lap Steel - $350

​Very good condition Takamine EGC531SSC-12 12 string cutaway acoustic electric with a vintage Yamaha hard shell case in fair condition.   This was adult-owned and lightly played at home.Solid spruce top dreadnought for warm, balanced tone, emphasizing strong bass response and luscious, full sound with plenty of volume. The dovetail neck joint, rosewood bridge and fretboard, and mahogany neck offer plenty of sustain. An asymmetrical neck and 1-5/8" nut width provide comfort for intricate fretboard movements.

The CP-100 pickup is an innovative design that uses a U-shaped aluminum rail, securing the pickup and saddle for balanced response from the whole instrument. The Takamine TK40 preamplifier is equipped with volume, bass, middle and treble frequency slider controls, EQ bypass, a notch filter, tuner and a mid contour switch.​

Excellent condition, cool looking and even better sounding Irwin Custom Strat copy electric with 2 EMG-HZ passive pickups.  Deep purple body with pearloid pickguard, maple neck and fretboard and graphite nut.  22 frets in good shape.   

The EMG’s rock! This sounds great and plays easy with low action.  Cosmetically no significant scratches or dings

Good condition circa 1970s Luxor Model 4257 vintage dreadnought acoustic.  To the best of my knowledge, Luxor guitars were made in the 70’s in the Ibanez factory in Japan along with many of the “lawsuit” models of that time and sold in Germany from Höfner

Plays well with good action and sounds very nice.  New strings, adjustable bridge

Cosmetically has some age-appropriate wear.

"Very kind, polite, went very well, would do another transaction any day, thank you, Paul." - Steven C.

Irwin Strat EMG-HZ Pickups - $150

Good condition and playable vintage circa 1930’s Oahu round neck lap slide guitar with original case.  Made by the Oahu Publishing Company in Cleveland, OH, they were big into student instruments in the 1930s.

Parlor-sized guitar with sunburst finish and age appropriate wear, this is fully playable as an acoustic slide guitar.  The raised nut on this makes this a slide guitar, but not playable as a normal acoustic guitar.  24” scale and 13” at the widest point.  Comes with what I am told is the original case (looks very old school)

Jackson JS22 Dinky Electric - $150