Very good condition custom Warmoth Telecaster with Warmoth body and 22 fret neck. This is approximately 10 years old and was custom built for a recording/touring Boston-area musician to capture his unique blues/rock tone.

This guitar has a Fralin steel pole bridge pickup and a custom Brandon Wound wide range humbucker with magnetic poles in the neck.  Tones range from classic clean ‘60’s to thick and meaty, plus the ability to get crunchy depending on your amp and/or pedals

The action is great, this plays easily up and down the neck.  Controls for volume, volume and tone with a 3-way pickup selector switch.  The frets are in good shape.  Cosmetically this has been gigged, but no significant scratches or dings.

"Very kind, polite, went very well, would do another transaction any day, thank you, Paul." - Steven C.

Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo Acoustic  - $260

Kay K6012 Vintage Dreadnought - $325

“Bought a Peavey VTM-120 amp-head from Paul. Fantastic condition, fresh tubes with service paperwork and contact info for his personal tech. Great price. Very cordial, honest, great to deal with. Ideal situation all around. Highly recommend.” - Will H.

Harmony H-80T Vintage Electric - $135

We offer used and vintage guitars a little outside the norm including electric guitars from Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Ibanez, Jackson as well as acoustic guitars from Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Godin, Yamaha and others.

Excellent condition ESP LTD Viper-300M SG in beautiful mahogany matte finish.  The active EMG 81 and 85 are hot as hell!

Adult owned, great shape, just missing the truss rod cover and has an occasional slight crackle from the input jack 

This will generally rip your face off, but in a good way!

Kimbara/Matsumoku Vintage MIJ 12-String  - $375

Kansas Guitar Co. Les Paul Copy - $275


Very good condition Fernandes Native Pro Offset Jaguar/Jazzmaster style electric.  Fernandes is a Japanese company that has made several lines of high quality guitars that are basically copies of brands like Fender and Gibson.  Notable players include The Edge and Billy Corgan.

Fender Blue Lace Sensor in the neck and crunchy stock humbucker in the bridge, so this gives you a variety of tones from between clean and hard rock and a lot in between with a flick of the pickup selector switch.

Nicely appointed with Grover Pro tuners, Strat-style tremolo system, graphite nut.  I got this from a luthier, so this is nicely set up.  This model was made in China, but very solid.  Cosmetically in very good shape with just some small chips.

Kent 1960s MIJ Concert Acoustic - $125

ESP LTD Viper-300M SG, active EMGs - $325

Warmoth Custom Telecaster -$875

​Excellent condition Jackson X Series Soloist SLATXMG3-6, made in Indonesia circa 2015.  This is a sweet shred machine with a pair of EMG active humbuckers - an 85 neck pickup and 81 bridge pickup.

Piranha pearloid inlays, Floyd Rose trem with locking nut.  Pointy headstock with 3 on a side tuners.  24 jumbo frets.   The action is great, this rips as you would expect it would!

Comes with Gator hard case.  

Jackson X Series Soloist, Active w/Hard Case - $425

Fair condition Kimbara Model 72, 12-string acoustic, made in Japan circa 1970s.  My understanding that that these were manufactured by Matsumoku as one of their copies of American brands sold by FCN-London.  This was probably made to copy a Martin D12-35.

This was just professionally set up, new strings, nice low action, this plays very well and sounds beautiful!  I believe this is a solid spruce top with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.

My luthier did some work on this to reduce a bulge in the body behind the bridge, and adjust the bridge angle to be angled less forward than it was.  (Over time the string tension had pulled the bridge angle forward).  There is still a slight belly behind the bridge.  There is a dent in the back, and there is light scratching around the soundhole and body.

Fair condition Kent Model 705 vintage concert sized acoustic guitar, made in Japan some time between 1962 and 1969

Not a lot (if any!) of these out there.  The action is OK, not great, best for cowboy chords and vintage vibe.

This is not a museum piece, has it’s fair share of scratches and small dings. 

Aria Pro II Fullerton Strat - $175

“Amazing Service, great Prices, Friendly People, and the coolest guitars and amps!
I rate this business 11/10, 6 stars (out of 5), and 110% satisfied with my new guitar! Highly recommend doing business with them." - Tristan A.

“The amp works amazing and is by far the best purchase I have made so far playing guitar." - Stephen T.

Fernandes Native Pro Jaguar/Jazzmaster  - $275

"Fair prices, trustworthy.  Thanks for an awesome guitar!" - Rita J.

“I recently picked up a wonderful Art & Lutherie from Paul which was more than fairly priced and am very happy with the experience and the guitar. Thanks Paul, you're great. 10/10!" - Taylor N.

Very good condition Harmony H-80T Strat-style electric guitar in beautiful tobacco burst, likely made in Korea in the early 1980s.

Traditional Fender Strat features and tone – offset double cutaway body, 5 way pickup selector switch for 3 single coil pickups.  The action is good and electronics function well.

This guitar has survived very well throughout the years with just a ding on the upper top and very light, age-appropriate scratching

"The Jackson is such an upgrade!" - Jake P.

Very good overall condition Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo acoustic, made in Canada by Godin

Beautiful sunburst finish, pressure-tested solid cedar top, Canadian wild cherry sides and rosewood fretboard.  This has some light scratching from normal use and a couple of other small scratches on the body, but no major dents or dings

The action gets high up the neck, pricing this to account for a setup needed.

​Beautiful and tons of vintage vibe Kay K6012 dreadnought acoustic, circa 1966 – 1968

Best I understand on this - solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides with an X braced top for extra resonance and volume and huge tone! Bound body and neck with a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard with big pearl dot markers. The neck is pretty straight so very good action.

This has age appropriate wear and checking, but no cracks and the bridge is secure.  Kluson tuners, 2 of which are very slightly bent, but functional.​

This is one of the nicest (very) off-brand Les Paul copies that I have seen, made by the Kansas Guitar Company, once of Northbrook, IL.

This is a solid, heavy (8.9 lbs) piece of probably mahogany with a beautiful butternut flamed maple color finish.  This has the usual Les Paul appointments (3 way switch, 4 controls, adjustable bridge, stopbar tailpiece) and a surprisingly hot pair of humbuckers!  Easy to play with very nice action.

This is in great shape with a few small chips and some light pick scratching.

“Absolutely in love with the Harmony acoustic.  Definitely a great place to check out" - Cody M.

“This is way more than customer service!  This is easily the best shopping experience I've had!      You're the man!" - Jessica R.

Excellent condition Aria Pro-II Fullerton Strat-style electric in beautiful candy apple red.  These models were generally made in Japan or Korea circa 1995 to 1999.  This one has gone pretty much unused since!

Classic offset, double-cut Strat style body and typical Strat features – 5 way pickup selector for 3 single coils plus a tremolo bridge and trem bar.  Maple neck and fretboard, this is a solid, well-built and very nice sounding Strat alternative.

From the original lifetime warranty card, the Model number is FL10SR and the serial number is 9070100.  There is a tiny bit of scratching on the neck plate and a tiny bit of scratching on the pickguard

“It's great to work with professionals who know their stuff, their business model takes the pain out of shopping for the right gear. I look forward to working with you on my next purchase." - Dan C.