Good condition Madeira by Guild A-4 acoustic.  14/20 frets.  Well-made Martin-copy likely made in Korea in the early-mid 1980s.

I think this is either an 00 or 000-size with approximate lengths:  Scale: 25”, total length: 39.5”, upper bout: 11”, lower bout 14 5/8”

Looks like a solid spruce top with mahogany laminate back and sides.  This sounds nice and plays well.  The action is good, not perfect, but no playability issues.  Cosmetically has some age-appropriate scratching and small dings.

“The guitar arrived today!!  How did that happen?  Thank you so much for going the extra mile!!" -  Mike F. (Reverb)

“Amazing Service, great Prices, Friendly People, and the coolest guitars and amps!
I rate this business 11/10, 6 stars (out of 5), and 110% satisfied with my new guitar! Highly recommend doing business with them." - Tristan A.

Regent/Guyatone Vintage 335 Style MIJ- $350

1984 Ibanez Roadstar II RS1300TR w/OHSC - $1,250

"Fair prices, trustworthy.  Thanks for an awesome guitar!" - Rita J.

Schecter Diamond Series Omen-6 - $200

“Bought a Peavey VTM-120 amp-head from Paul. Fantastic condition, fresh tubes with service paperwork and contact info for his personal tech. Great price. Very cordial, honest, great to deal with. Ideal situation all around. Highly recommend.” - Will H.

Coming soon - another rare bird!  Going in for a tune up.

Vintage 1960s US made parlor sized acoustic.  From 1959 to 1966 Harmony made acoustics under the Regal name for distribution by Fender

Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides

Nice action, easily playable and sweet, resonant sound for a small body.  Will likely have a new bridge when she gets out of the shop!

Hondo Stagemaster 70 solid body electric (I have also heard this described as a “solid body acoustic electric”).  This has a simulated soundhole – hollowed out only as seen, the rest of the body is solid.  Pretty rare, these were made in Japan in the early 1980s in pretty small quantities.  This is similar to the Gibson Chet Atkins SST.

This originally had a piezo pickup, but it was replaced with this Harmony single coil pickup.  This has a clean sound that can produce some crunch as well.  It is a little bit noisy, but not bad.  This plays well with good action.  1 volume and 1 tone control.  Acoustic-style bridge pins.

Cosmetically this is in fair condition, lots of scuffs and scratches, particularly in back.  Some missing material around the volume and tone pots.  Definitely a unique, functional and playable piece!

Very good condition Harmony H-80T Strat-style electric guitar in beautiful tobacco burst, likely made in Korea in the early 1980s.

Traditional Fender Strat features and tone – offset double cutaway body, 5 way pickup selector switch for 3 single coil pickups.  The action is good and electronics function well.  I filed down some fret overhang.

This guitar has survived very well throughout the years with just a ding on the upper top and very light, age-appropriate scratching

"Got the guitar, thanks so much Paul, it's awesome" - Benny G.

Very good condition custom Warmoth Telecaster with Warmoth body and 22 fret neck. This is approximately 10 years old and was custom built for a recording/touring Boston-area musician to capture his unique blues/rock tone.

This guitar has a Fralin steel pole bridge pickup and a custom Brandon Wound wide range humbucker with magnetic poles in the neck.  Tones range from classic clean ‘60’s to thick and meaty, plus the ability to get crunchy depending on your amp and/or pedals

The action is very good, this plays easily up and down the neck.  Controls for volume, volume and tone with a 3-way pickup selector switch.  The frets are in good shape.  Cosmetically this has been gigged and has some small scratches and dings.

Very good condition Yamaha FGX-412C-12, 12 string cutaway acoustic electric circa 1998 – 2001.

The built-in electronics feature a 3-band linear EQ with Midrange Frequency (AMF) control.  Along with the volume control a separate mute switch is also incorporated to complete the pickup system (piezo undersaddle pickup).  The action is generally good, not perfect, but pretty easily playable.

This was adult-owned and very lightly used.  Cosmetically no significant scratching, dings or dents.  Could use a new set of strings.  Made in Taiwan

Very good condition and generally sweet 1984 Ibanez Roadstar II RS1300TR, made in Japan.

The RS1300 is part of the Roadstar II series, considered the top of the Ibanez line in 1984, featuring an arched birdseye maple top with binding on a basswood body bolted to a maple neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot position markers.  This is the RS1300TR, for "Transparent Red."

Components include a pair of Ibanez Super 58 humbucking pickups mounted in gold pickup rings, a Pro Rock'r double locking tremolo bridge with a locking nut, knurled Tek Grip control knobs and Smooth Tuner II tuning machines.  Includes original tremolo bar, and original Ibanez hard shell case.  There are a couple of small dings and some light scratching.  This was adult-owned and well-cared for.


​Fair condition Alvarez Model 5023 acoustic.  Made in Japan circa 1970s

This sounds very nice with very good resonance and new Martin Custom Light Phosphor Bronze strings (.11 to .52).  This was a single-owner guitar that saw a lot of home use.  This plays great for “cowboy chords”, but the action gets high up the fretboard as the top in front of the sound hole has sunken in a bit.

There is wear along the bass side of the fretboard along the area of the first 3 frets.  The tuners work fine, but appear to be replacements.  This has buckle rash on the back, several age-appropriate small dings and scratches and one crack in the binding.  With original fair condition chipboard case​

Hoyer Rare 1960s 12 String Acoustic Electric - $350

Rare 1960's Hoyer vintage 12 string acoustic electric made in Germany with (I believe) the original hard case.  This is similar to the Hoyer 12 string acoustic electric that Elvis used in his 1966 movie “Spinout”

This is easily playable up and down the neck.  There is 1 volume and 1 tone knob.  The volume knob does not change the volume (but is audible plugged in).  The tone knob functions.  Rare Van Ghent tuners.  The area around the sound hole looks hand painted and has slight warping.  The pickup is mounted under (and through) the end of the fretboard.

There are many areas of finish cracks (please see pics).  There is a small crack in each side of the bridge and some bridge lift, but the bridge is secure.  ​Well-built, nice straight neck and tons of character and vibe!

“It's great to work with professionals who know their stuff, their business model takes the pain out of shopping for the right gear. I look forward to working with you on my next purchase." - Dan C.

“The (Marshall) amp works amazing and is by far the best purchase I have made so far playing guitar." - Stephen T.

Warmoth Custom Telecaster - $800

“Absolutely in love with the Harmony acoustic.  Definitely a great place to check out" - Cody M.

“NH Guitars and owner Paul are first class Guitar sellers. Great products come through his hands and are treated with extra special love and care. My experience with NH Guitars is what keeps me coming back.  Personable communication and fairest prices on the market. A+++++++ in my book!" - Noel C.

Alvarez 5023 Vintage Acoustic MIJ - $395

We offer used, rare and vintage guitars a little outside the norm including electric guitars from Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Ibanez, Jackson as well as acoustic guitars from Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Godin, Yamaha and others.

​Overall good condition Schecter Diamond Series Omen-6 in walnut finish

String-through body, maple neck, 24-fret rosewood fretboard.  Basswood body with super-fast bolt-on maple neck and dual Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers.  Nice low action.

This has one pretty good dent on one bottom corner and 1 chip.  Missing the truss rod cover.​

Fair condition Regent vintage 335-style semi-hollow electric.  This was made in Japan circa mid-1960s.   Regent was the Canadian brand name for Guyatone guitars made in Japan.

Great mix of both clean and crunch tone options with 2 humbuckers, a Bigsby-style tremolo, “roller” saddles.  21 frets, block inlays.  Gold Grover tuners were added.  3-way pickup selector switch on the top cutaway and another switch on the bottom (rhythm/off/solo).   1 volume and 1 tone knob.

The previous musician owner had a push/pull coil tap option added to the volume pot and also wax potted the pickups.  There is a slight bow to the neck, the action is decent.

Cosmetically this has plenty of character in the form of scratches, scrapes, dings etc….which adds up to a cool as hell vintage semi-hollow, but not a museum piece.

Harmony H-80T Vintage Electric - $125

Harmony H-802 Vintage Electric - $125

Good condition Kawai/Teisco vintage 1960’s electric made in Japan.  I think this is the Model S-70.  (Kawai bought Teisco in 1967)

Dark sunburst body, rosewood fingerboard, and striking mirrored pickguard.  Single pickup close to the neck that provides some nice surprising crunch and full, warm tones.

This is playable and tons of vintage vibe.  Condition wise, it’s 50 years old and has age-appropriate scratches and wear..

“I recently picked up a wonderful Art & Lutherie (acoustic) from Paul which was more than fairly priced and am very happy with the experience and the guitar. Thanks Paul, you're great. 10/10!" - Taylor N.

​Pretty rare and super cool looking Blackjack 1960s viola style Electric MIJ, probably in the Matsumoku factory for Teisco, Guyatone or Aria.

3 color sunburst, tremolo tailpiece (no trem arm).  2 pickups, ~ 25” scale, 1 volume and 1 tone knob.  Plays generally very well with low action and new strings.  This looks like it used to have a pickguard, but not currently.  Includes original chipboard case. 

Known issues:  There are several finish cracks that look cosmetic.  The low E string frets out between 7th and 11th frets.  This is missing the bridge thumbwheels for height adjustment.  The volume knob over-rotates, but functions.  ​

Blackjack 1960s Viola Electric MIJ - $350

Ibanez EX360 Floyd Rose MIK 1989 - $325

Hondo Stagemaster 70 Electric/Acoustic - $195

Madeira A-4 by Guild Acoustic - $250

Good condition vintage Harmony H-802 made in Taiwan circa 1960s/1970s in beautiful sunburst.

2 Harmony single coil pickups that have some crunch to them.  2 pickup selector buttons for some tone options.  1 volume and 1 tone knob.  Adjustable bridge. 

Has a scratchy volume pot, a little bit of fret overhang on the bottom of the fretboard and a little buzz on the open A string.  Could probably benefit from a new nut.  There is a little bow in the neck, the action is decent, not perfect.

"Paul, absolute pleasure meeting you and doing business. I appreciate it!" - Sai B.

“This is way more than customer service!  This is easily the best shopping experience I've had!      You're the man!" - Jessica R.

Yamaha 12 String Acoustic Electric - $350

Very good condition 1989 Ibanez EX360 FR MIK with HSC.  This was just gone through by my luthier to tighten up the input jack and do a general once-over.

Floyd Rose-licensed TRS-101 bridge with tremolo arm and locking nut.  HSS pickup configuration

Outside a couple of markings on the back of the neck, no significant scratches, dents or dings.  Includes good condition Ibanez locking hard case

Coming Soon: Regal 210 Parlor Acoustic - $TBD

Kawai S-70 Vintage Electric MIJ - $195