Fernandes JG Jazzmaster/Jaguar Copy - $225

Very good condition Fernandes JG (I think this is called the “Decade”) offset body, similar to the Fender Jazzmaster and Fender Jaguar with features also similar to the Fender Strat.

Fernandes is a Japanese company that has made several lines of high quality guitars that are basically copies of brands like Fender and Gibson.  Notable players include The Edge and Billy Corgan.

Offset body, 3 single coil pickups, 5 way pickup selector switch.  Plays easily with good action, this is a solid chunk of guitar with just a couple of small cosmetic dings and light scratching.  Made in Taiwan circa 1999-2000.

Fender Squier Stratocaster MIK - $125

“I recently picked up a wonderful Art & Lutherie from Paul which was more than fairly priced and am very happy with the experience and the guitar. Thanks Paul, you're great. 10/10!" - Taylor N.


Probably made by Teisco or Kawai in Japan in the 60’s, good condition, cool and nicely playable sunburst 2 pickup Diasonic electric

Controls for volume and tone and switches for bridge and neck pickup on/off.  Looks like the original pickups were replaced by 2 lipstick-style pickups, which sound great.

The neck is pretty straight, and this can go from clean to ‘60s early rock crunch.

"The Jackson is such an upgrade!" - Jake P.

Very good condition Ibanez ART 100 Dx Solid Body Electric

Les Paul-style single cutaway, 2 humbuckers, 3-way pickup selector switch, Tune-O-Matic style bridge and Stopbar tailpiece.  Nicely playable Ibanez thin neck, block inlays, 22 medium frets

The action is very good, this plays well.   This was adult-owned and has some light scratching and scuffs from normal use.  

Very good condition custom Warmoth Telecaster with Warmoth body and 22 fret neck. This is approximately 10 years old and was custom built for a recording/touring Boston-area musician to capture his unique blues/rock tone.

This guitar has a Fralin steel pole bridge pickup and a custom Brandon Wound wide range humbucker with magnetic poles in the neck.  Tones range from classic clean ‘60’s to thick and meaty, plus the ability to get crunchy depending on your amp and/or pedals

The action is great, this plays easily up and down the neck.  Controls for volume, volume and tone with a 3-way pickup selector switch.  The frets are in good shape.  Cosmetically this has been gigged, but no significant scratches or dings.

Excellent condition Fender Malibu Player California Series acoustic electric in arctic gold.

Sporting the vintage Malibu body design, the Player features a solid sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides that combine for a deeply satisfying blend of high, mid, and low range tone.  A smooth mahogany neck with walnut fingerboard conjures that classic Fender neck feel and response. And when you are ready to plug in, a Fishman-designed pickup/preamp system kicks out sweet amplified acoustic tone.

This is as “new” as a used guitar gets.  The previous adult owner bought this new to try guitar, didn’t work out for him!

“Bought a Peavey VTM-120 amp-head from Paul. Fantastic condition, fresh tubes with service paperwork and contact info for his personal tech. Great price. Very cordial, honest, great to deal with. Ideal situation all around. Highly recommend.” - Will H.

I am always looking to buy and sell used Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Ibanez, Jackson and other electric guitars as well as Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Godin, Yamaha and other high quality used acoustic guitars.....and now lap steels and mandolins too!

“Absolutely in love with the Harmony acoustic.  Definitely a great place to check out" - Cody M.

Eastwood P90 Special Lefty TV Yellow - $450

​Very good condition Aria Diamond 1362-G hollow body archtop electric.  This is a high quality Japanese made Gibson ES-175 type, circa late ‘60s/early 70’s.  My understanding is that this was built by Matsumoku.

Nice set neck jazz box, that sounds great unplugged and plugged in. The full-hollow body is constructed with a spruce top and maple back and sides, maple neck with block inlaid rosewood fingerboard. 2 humbuckers, the electronics work well.

This has a tiny bit of separation between the neck and the body – please see picture.  Otherwise this is in very good shape.  Includes hard case​

Silvertone Artist Vintage Lap Steel - $325

Fender Malibu Acoustic Electric - $325

Good condition circa 1959 to mid-1960’s Silvertone Artist lap steel in gray pearloid with original case

This has 3 original tuners and 3 non original tuners (of which 2 are missing the knob).  There is a scratch on the pickup cover

Aria Diamond Hollow Body Electric -$575

 Ibanez ART 100 Dx Electric - $200

Warmoth Custom Telecaster -$895

​Very good condition Eastwood P90 Special lefty solid body electric in retro TV Yellow.  Eastwood guitars makes a variety of colorful and cool electric guitars styled after 1960s models.  This is a beautiful recreation of a Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway.

This one has 1 P90 in the neck and 1 open coil humbucker in the bridge, providing a wide range of tone options.  Grover tuners, 3 way pickup selector switch, 2 volume and 2 tone options.  Frets are in great shape.

This was owned by an adult collector and very lightly played.  Just a couple of small scuffs and scratches, otherwise looks great.  Comes with Eastwood gig bag

Oahu vintage lap slide guitar - $300

​Very good condition 2012 Epiphone Custom Shop SG Pro 1966 Reissue Limited Edition in black gloss.

Solid mahogany body, slim taper set neck, a pair of high output Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers, 2 volume and 2 tone knobs including coil tap functionality.  Wilkerson Deluxe tuners. All in all this thing rocks and looks sweet!

Adult owned, normal wear.  Set up with new strings.  Some scratchiness in the pickup selector switch.  Also this was stamped "2nd" at the factory, this was usually done for a very small cosmetic blemish, nothing that I have been able to see.

Kalamazoo by Gibson Vintage Lap Steel - $350

"Fair prices, trustworthy.  Thanks for an awesome guitar!" - Rita J.

​Excellent condition Jackson X Series Soloist SLATXMG3-6, made in Indonesia circa 2015.  This is a sweet shred machine with a pair of EMG active humbuckers - an 85 neck pickup and 81 bridge pickup.

Piranha pearloid inlays, Floyd Rose trem with locking nut.  Pointy headstock with 3 on a side tuners.  24 jumbo frets.   The action is great, this rips as you would expect it would!

Comes with Gator hard case.  

Beautiful sounding, nicely playable fair cosmetic condition Walden 550T Natura acoustic dreadnought guitar.  Walden guitars are designed in Portland, Oregon by luthier Jonathan Lee and manufactured in China circa 1996 to present.

The body is made of mahogany back and sides and a solid spruce top.  Mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard, rosewood bridge.  Has a double circle rosette around the soundhole.

This was made as a high-quality guitar that has been used over the years.  Missing the pickguard and there is a dent on the front that does not affect playability.  The action is very good, and this sounds great with new Fender 80/20 bronze .012 light strings.

1962 Epiphone Caballero Acoustic Lefty -$695

“Amazing Service, great Prices, Friendly People, and the coolest guitars and amps!
I rate this business 11/10, 6 stars (out of 5), and 110% satisfied with my new guitar! Highly recommend doing business with them." - Tristan A.

Diasonic Teisco/Kawai MIJ 1960’s Electric- $150

​Fair condition, but nicely playable left handed 1962 Epiphone FT-30 Caballero acoustic guitar.  This was originally a right-handed guitar, at some point converted to a lefty with a replacement nut and/or bridge

This was made in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the Gibson factory back when the only difference between each brand was the label. The FT-30's are the Epiphone version of the Gibson LG-0. These are smaller, concert body, tortoise bound, mahogany guitars with a nice warm tone. 

The action is very good, this is easily playable up and down the neck with no fret buzz.  
This is missing the pickguard and there is remaining glue residue.  The headstock logo was removed apparently a while ago, however the original Epiphone label is inside the sound hole.

Good condition circa 1949-1951 Kalamazoo Vintage Lap Steel with original case and attached ¼” cable.  These were produced by Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

This is in generally good and playable condition with wear that would be expected from an instrument of this age.

The ¼” cable connection is temperamental and requires a shake here and there for connectivity

"Very kind, polite, went very well, would do another transaction any day, thank you, Paul." - Steven C.

Epiphone Custom Shop SG Pro 1966 Reissue - $300

“The amp works amazing and is by far the best purchase I have made so far playing guitar." - Stephen T.

Jackson X Series Soloist, Active w/Hard Case - $475

Walden 550T Dreadnought Acoustic - $125

“It's great to work with professionals who know their stuff, their business model takes the pain out of shopping for the right gear. I look forward to working with you on my next purchase." - Dan C.

Good condition and playable vintage Stella Harmony H927 vintage parlor acoustic guitar circa 1960s/early 70s

Approximately 30.5” scale on a 36” body.  This is actually nicely playable up and down the neck unlike many others of this era that did not fare so well.  This is tune-able, no issues with sticky tuners.

This has age appropriate wear, small dings and scratching, but plays and sounds very nice in addition to looking very cool on your guitar stand!

Good condition and playable vintage circa 1930’s Oahu round neck lap slide guitar with original case.  Made by the Oahu Publishing Company in Cleveland, OH, they were big into student instruments in the 1930s.

Parlor-sized guitar with sunburst finish and age appropriate wear, this is fully playable as an acoustic slide guitar.  The raised nut on this makes this a slide guitar, but not playable as a normal acoustic guitar.  24” scale and 13” at the widest point.  Comes with what I am told is the original case (looks very old school)

Stella Harmony H927 Vintage Acoustic - $150

Fair condition, pretty rockin and unique looking 1996 Fender Squier Stratocaster, made in Korea (higher quality before production shifted to China and Indonesia)

This isn’t pretty, but it’s not really supposed to be!  Fully playable up and down the neck and sounds great.

3 single coil pickups that sound crunchier than normal Strat pickups IMO.  This was refinished/painted black, so not a collectors piece, but perfectly suitable for the garage band stage or practice