Fender Squier J-Bass Upgraded w/HSC - $175

Fender Frontman 25B Bass Combo Amp - $75

Acoustic B100 Bass Combo Amp - $175

​Here’s a good condition, and unique upgraded Fender Squier Jazz Bass.  This has been refinished to a color I would say pretty close to Daphne Blue.  The headstock was re-sanded so no Squier sticker.

This has been upgraded with Fender SCN Noiseless Jazz pickups and a Badass-style bridge.  New D’Addario Half-Wound 45-100 strings

Includes a good condition unbranded hard case.  This was adult-owned.

​Very good condition and fully functional Hartke LH500 500-watt (@ 4 ohms) solid state bass amp head with a Class A 12AX7 valve pre-amp, suitable to drive a large cab.

3-band EQ with buttons for Brite and Limiter plus direct out and effects loop.  Rugged metal, rackmountable chassis is ready for the road

Cosmetically this is in very good shape, just some light scratching on top.

Good condition and functional Yamaha 4-string bass, I am pretty sure this is the RBX250 circa 2010.  Nice metallic blue color.

The neck is in good shape, the action is good, this plays and sounds as it should.  The knobs are not original and the volume knob buzzes a bit when turned

This was adult owned and played in a church band.  Cosmetically there are some light scratches and some scuffs on the bottom of the back.

Peavey Standard Series 260 Head - $195

"You're the best." - John E.

"Polite, showed up on time, fair prices, quick responses.  Trustworthy, helpful.  Drove to meet me closer, what a nice guy!" - Leo

Yamaha RBX250 Bass - $150

Hartke LH500 500 watt bass head - $225

Peavey Combo 300 Bass Amp - $250

Traynor YT-15 Bass Amp Cabinet - $275

For those of you who like to stand next to drummers,  I deal in basses from Fender, Rickenbacker, Schecter, G&L, Peavey etc.... as well as tube and solid state amps from Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Ampeg, Peavey, SWR and others

Very good condition Fender 25B bass combo amp.  Nice little 25 watt amp with a 1 x 10” speaker suitable for practice or small gigs.

2 inputs with controls for Volume, Low, Mid and High. Tape/auxiliary input to connect an MP3, Effects Loop and headphone input

Cosmetically this is in very good condition and fully functional

"Great guy, honest gives plenty of info about where my guitar came from and what was upgraded, even how well it was kept up, friendly knowledgeable and best of all not pushy what-soever super helpful through the whole process.  Definitely will be back !!"  - Scott R.

"Working with Paul is always a pleasure!  He is top notch in terms of customer service and knowledge!  Lots of good stuff and cool dude in general.  Easily one of the best!"  - Justin M.

Basses & Bass Amps

"If you're looking for a guitar go see him first" - Nick P.

Very good condition Peavey Combo 300 bass amp, made in USA, looks like 1983 from the label.  On casters

Beast of a bass amp (I have also heard people using this for guitar), 1 x 15” Black Widow speaker.  8 band EQ! Inputs for high and low gain, pre and post gain with bright and punch options, patch in/out, pre amp in/power amp out.  External speaker output.

This was recently serviced to have the 4 Power FETs replaced and pots cleanedCosmetically this is in particularly good shape for it’s age with just a couple of small dings

Very good condition and fully functional Acoustic B100 MKII solid state bass combo amp, made in USA.

100 watts, 1 x 15” combo is designed for club and live applications where the sound of its 15" bass driver will fill the room with warmth and punch.

Gain, Overdrive/Level and Volume controls plus a Frequency Notch filter to tailor your mids and a 4-band EQ provides total control over your tone. The parallel Effects Loop allows you to use your bass effects in the signal chain, or you can use the Effect Send as a Line Out to a recording or live mixing board. The series extension speaker jack provides an output for an additional cabinet such as the Acoustic B115 or B410.

"The bass sounds AMAZING through my stack and effects, thanks." - Joe P.

Good condition, fully functional Peavey Standard Series 260, 130-watt Bass Amp Head

Circa early 1970s, this is a loud 2 channel amp.  Each channel has 2 inputs.  The “Effects-Reverb” channel on the left provides distortion and reverb with 3-band EQ controls.  The “Normal” channel on the right is clean with volume and 3-band EQ.

Cosmetically this has some age appropriate embedded dust and scratches, but is in overall good shape, even has a vintage “Daddy’s” sticker on the back 😊.  Made in the USA.

​Good condition, fully functional vintage Traynor YT-15 amp cab.  2 x 15” speakers with a lot of boom!

Circa 1970s, this was designed for bass, but I have also heard of people using this with electric guitars as well, this 8 ohm version was typically mated with the YBA-1 or YBA1A heads

Made in Toronto, Canada by Yorkville Sound Ltd.