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Fair condition Hondo P Bass circa 1970s or maybe early 1980s, looks like Olympic White.  Pointed headstock with gold logo

The action is good, not perfect (looking for the right sized allen wrench as I write this), the electronics function as they should and overall looks and sounds pretty nice.

This has several small chips, dings and scratches

For those of you who like to stand next to drummers,  I deal in basses from Fender, Rickenbacker, Schecter, G&L, Peavey etc.... as well as tube and solid state amps from Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Ampeg, Peavey, SWR and others

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Hondo Vintage P Bass - $250

"The bass sounds AMAZING through my stack and effects, thanks." - Joe P.

Peavey Combo 115 Bass Amp - $200

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Basses & Bass Amps

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Coming Soon - '60s Orpheum Starfire Violin Bass - $TBD

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Peavey Combo 115 Bass Combo Amp teal stripe with 1 x 15” Peavey 1502 DT BW Black Widow Speaker plus a tweeter.  210 watts at 4 ohms.  Made in the USA.

2 inputs – high and low gain.  Controls for pre and post gain with buttons for bright and punch.  Control for compressor level (missing knob for compressor limit level).  9 band EQ with sliders (missing knob for “low” control).  Patch loop, control for crossover frequency for bi-amping.

Other than the 2 missing knobs, cosmetically this is in good shape and it is loud!

Super rare, super cool looking and playable Orpheum Starfire violin bass circa 1967-1968

From my research, made in Italy.

This needs a little tune up and tweak from my luthier, but stay tuned for pricing and availability!