Acoustic Model 220 Vintage Bass Head - $175

"Working with Paul is always a pleasure!  He is top notch in terms of customer service and knowledge!  Lots of good stuff and cool dude in general.  Easily one of the best!"  - Justin M."

Excellent condition Jackson 5 string JS Series JS3VQ Concert Bass. Cherry burst, poplar Body, figured quilt maple top, bound maple neck, amaranth fingerboard with shark tooth inlays and 2 Jackson humbucking pickups

Active EQ with bass, mid, and treble tone controls. 

Cosmetically this is in great shape.  Plays and sounds great as well.  Includes On Stage gig bag and matching strap

Crate BT220 Bass Combo Amp - $125

"You're the best." - John E.

For those of you on the low end of the scale we deal in basses from Fender, Gibson, Schecter, Ibanez, Peavey etc.... as well as tube and solid state amps from Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Ampeg, Peavey, SWR and others

Basses & Bass Amps

Fender Squier Pete Wentz Signature P-Bass - $240

"Polite, showed up on time, fair prices, quick responses.  Trustworthy, helpful.  Drove to meet me closer, what a nice guy!" - Leo

Jackson JS3VQ 5 string bass - $260

Charvel CH-200B Bass Practice Amp - $60

​Who knew Charvel made bass amps in the 1990’s, but here’s a chance to own one!  Good condition and fully functional Charvel (by Jackson/Charvel) CH-200B, 20 watt solid state bass combo amp

1 x 8” speaker, master volume with 4 band EQ and effects loop.  Charvel make these amps in Korea in the 1990’s (serial number 930120168, so I am guessing this is from 1993)

Just some minor pot scratchiness that I am working on, otherwise this sound fine and would be a good practice amp.  Cosmetically this is in fair condition with some sticker residue, tolex tears and some plastic missing on the handle.

​Crate BT220 bass combo amp, 1 x 15”, 220 watts.   Generally good condition with the exception of scratchy pots that I am working on.

Clean and distortion options and the distortion is very nasty! (Think Neil Young’s “Out of the Blue and Into the Black” live version).  Master volume and octave controls, clean controls are level and 4 band EQ, distortion controls are gain, shape and level.  Input for effects loop, output for XLR balanced line out and ¼” external speaker.

On casters with recessed side handles.  16” long, 24” wide, 27” high.​

​Very good condition and fairly rare Fender Squier Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) Signature P-Bass.  When sick, punchy tone comes standard, all you need is the volume knob!

The agathis body is offset by a shell pickguard and the Wentz's iconic bat/heart logo. The Duncan designed split single-coil pickups with alnico magnets carve out that distinctive punk growl you want.

Good working condition and fair cosmetic condition Acoustic Control Corporation Model 220 vintage solid state bass amp head, made in the USA

This model was produced in California between 1977 and 1984.  Rated at 125 watts @ 4 ohms, and those are very loud watts!  This thing cranks!  5 band EQ is pretty cool and functional.   Has a switch for power boost and a button for bright.

Cosmetically this has some dings, scratches and accumulated gunk from over the years, but functions well.