Good condition Kustom KMA, 100 watt combo amp. 1 x 15” Celestion speaker plus a tweeter.

3 inputs – 1 for XLR/Low-Z mic, 2 x 1/4” for instruments or mics.  3 channels each with volume and effects controls (8 different effect options) plus master 4 band EQ.  At 100 watts this is suitable to play out with

Cosmetically in good shape, no issues

"The bass sounds AMAZING through my stack and effects, thanks." - Joe P.

Very good condition, fully functional Hartke VX-series (Very Extreme), VX115 bass cabinet

1 x 15” speaker plus a horn, 300 watts

Vintage MIJ Semi-Hollow Bass - $375

"You're the best." - John E.

Good condition rare and super cool Fender Ashbory Bass with silicone strings.

The Ashbory bass is an 18-inch scale fretless (but marked) electric bass developed in 1985.  When amplified, the Ashbory produces a low, resonant bass tone similar to the tone of a standup double bass.

This is fully functional and in good shape with new strings.  Includes coffin gig bag and extra strings.  Made in Indonesia

​Good condition unbranded cutaway acoustic electric bass

This plays well and has an EQ-7545R preamp for electric operation

 Overall looks nice, no significant cosmetic issues.

Fender Ashbory Fretless Bass - $495

Basses & Bass Amps

​Very good condition and super versatile Line 6 Variax 700 bass

This provides the player with 24 different vintage and modern bass models to choose from.  Too many functions to list, here is the link to Line 6:

This was adult-owned and professionally used.  Fully functional and in very good shape.​

Kustom 1-B Vintage Bass Amp - $195

Hartke Model 2000 Bass Amp Head - $150

"I love the G&L (bass)" - John S.

Roland CUBE 20XL Bass Combo Amp - $150

Fair condition, functional beast of a 1970s solid state bass combo amp

210 watts, 2 inputs, volume plus 3-band EQ.

This had some work done to patch up a small speaker tear and reconnect the chassis and speaker input, but this booms like the old days!

Good condition Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master tube bass head circa, made in Canada early 1970s.  This is a beast of a head from back in the day. 

This has been professionally checked out with a clean bill of health.  2 channels – Standard and Bright, each with 2 inputs (high and normal), 3-band EQ plus Presence.   This has 2 original (and fairly rare) Mullard 6CA7 power tubes, made in England (~ $200+ value).

This has age-appropriate wear, but overall delivers the vintage boom.

Gallien-Krueger 400RB Bass Head - $325

Unbranded Acoustic Electric Bass - $175

Line 6 Variax 700 Modeling Bass - $625

Very good condition, unknown brand (probably made in the early 1970s by Guyatone or Matsumoku) semi-hollow 4-string bass, made in Japan.

Adjustable bridge, single neck pickup (looks similar to a mini-humbucker), 1 volume and 1 tone  control.

Plays well with new strings.

Good condition, fully functional 200 watt, rack-mountable solid state bass amp head.

Inputs for active and passive basses,  controls for Pre-Amp (solid state or tube), compression, 10 band graphic EQ (missing one slider cap), 2 contour controls and 1 master volume

This model operates with some fan noise

"You're the best, man!" - Daniel K.

"Love the bass!  Can't stop playing it since I got home." - Tony J.

Warwick Rockbass - $575

Good condition, professionally checked out 1989 G-K 400RB solid state bass amp head.  200 watts RMS @ 4 ohms

4-band EQ, 3 voicing filters, channel volume, boost and master volume. ¼” direct out and effects loop

This has been cosmetically touched up with age-appropriate wear.

​Very good condition Roland CUBE CB-20XL bass combo amp.  Great tone as you would expect from Roland in a small, portable package.

20 watts, 1 x 8” speaker, tons of tone, amp and effects options.

No cosmetic or functional issues.

Hartke VX115, 1 x 15” Bass Cabinet - $200

Good condition Dean left-handed acoustic electric bass

Cutaway jumbo with fully functional preamp with volume, presence and 3-band EQ

​Sweet looking and sounding Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard 4 string bass. 

Circa 2001, natural finish, 2 passive MEC vintage humbuckers, Carolena body and maple neck.  Controls: 2 x Volume (Neck & Bridge), 1 x Tone.

This has some signs of wear from normal adult home use.  Includes good condition padded gig bag.​

Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass - $325

"If you're looking for a guitar go see him first" - Nick P.

Dean Lefty Acoustic Electric Bass - $175

"I got this (Marshall amp) several months back from @nhguitars.  Go shop their site!!!!  Phenomenal stuff!! " - Cody S. 

"Guitar was better than described shipping was soo fast seller was so friendly !!! Love itttt- !"  - William B.

"Working with Paul is always a pleasure!  He is top notch in terms of customer service and knowledge!  Lots of good stuff and cool dude in general.  Easily one of the best!"  - Justin M.

Traynor YBA-1 Vintage Tube Head - $725

Very good condition 2020 Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass

Maple fretboard and beautiful natural finish, this has been professionally set up and plays great.

This has some light scratching from normal use.  Made in Indonesia

Kustom KMA 100 Keyboard/Bass/Vocal Amp - $195

Very good condition Hartke Transient Attack XL Series 410 Bass Module 4 x 10" bass cab

8 ohms, 240 watts.  On casters

Nice, punchy Hartke tone

"Great guy, honest gives plenty of info about where my guitar came from and what was upgraded, even how well it was kept up, friendly knowledgeable and best of all not pushy whatsoever super helpful through the whole process.  Definitely will be back !!"  - Scott R.

Hartke 4 x 10” Bass Cab - $250