Very good condition Aria II “The Cat” P-style bass.  Aria marketed instruments made in Japan by the renown Matsumoku factories in the 1980s

Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, 1 5/8” width neck (so more of J bass neck).  1 volume and 1 tone control.

My tech went through this, cleaned it up and set up the action to play very well.  The tuners are not original, and this has some light scratching from normal use, otherwise this is in very good shape.. 

Basses & Bass Amps

​Very good condition Hartke HC-410XL Transient Attack 400w, 4 x 10" bass cab on casters

Tight, punchy tone Hartke is known for​

​Good and original condition SWR Megoliath 8 x 10” bass cabinet

This can operate as two 4 x 10” cabs at 8 ohms, or one 8 x 10” cab at 4 ohms

This is physically located with my customer in Epping, NH

SWR Megoliath 8 x 10" Bass Cab - $475

"I love the G&L (bass)" - John S.

Come visit to check out or call for details

Left to Right:

  • Ibanez Gio P Bass Blue/Black: SOLD
  • Ibanez Gio SDGR P/J active: SOLD
  • Dean Edge 09 in B Standard tuning: $150
  • Ibanez SDGR P/J: $195

"You're the best." - John E.

Aria II The Cat Vintage MIJ Bass - $295

"You're the best, man!" - Daniel K.

​Good condition SWR Bass 350 Professional bass amp head

With 350W RMS into 4 ohms, it gives you plenty of clean power. Plus, all the tone shaping essentials are there in an easy-to-use format: 3 bands of EQ with variable mid, an effects blend control, and limiter with limiter defeat. It gives you a sidechain mono loop, and an XLR balanced record out for use in studio or going direct to P.A.

Includes a convenient tuner send. 19"W x 3.5"H x 10.125"D: 16.5 lbs.​

Basses and Amps Just In: $150 to $250 

"The bass sounds AMAZING through my stack and effects, thanks." - Joe P.

"Love the bass!  Can't stop playing it since I got home." - Tony J.

"Polite, showed up on time, fair prices, quick responses.  Trustworthy, helpful.  Drove to meet me closer, what a nice guy!" - Leo

For those of you who like to stand next to drummers,  we deal in basses from Fender, Ibanez, Schecter, G&L, Peavey etc.... as well as tube and solid state bass amps from Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Ampeg, Peavey, SWR and more!

"I got this (Marshall amp) several months back from @nhguitars.  Go shop their site!!!!  Phenomenal stuff!! " - Cody S. 

Batch O' Basses - $125 to $195

"If you're looking for a guitar go see him first" - Nick P.

"Great guy, honest gives plenty of info about where my guitar came from and what was upgraded, even how well it was kept up, friendly knowledgeable and best of all not pushy whatsoever super helpful through the whole process.  Definitely will be back !!"  - Scott R.

"Working with Paul is always a pleasure!  He is top notch in terms of customer service and knowledge!  Lots of good stuff and cool dude in general.  Easily one of the best!"  - Justin M.

Hartke HC-410XL Bass Cab - $275

* Ibanez Talman Bass:  SOLD

* Dean Acoustic Electric Cutaway Bass:  SOLD

*  Hartke HA3500 Hybrid Bass Amp Head:  $250

*  Hartke VX115 Bass Cab:  $200

SWR Bass 350 Solid State Head - $295

"Guitar was better than described shipping was soo fast seller was so friendly !!! Love itttt- !"  - William B.