Guitar & Amp Repair

Get your axe playing like buttah!

NH Guitars provides expert repair services for your guitars (electric and acoustic) and basses. These services that range from simple restrings, to full setups including action adjustment and intonation, to fret resurfacing (level/crown/polish) work and our "Super Strat Conversions".  We can also swap pickups, fix intermittent or broken electronics and structural repair.

For tube amps, we can perform re-tube and bias work, and assess and diagnose most issues.   For solid state amps, we can fix mechanical issues such as the replacement of speakers and input jacks.

Please note: Amp diagnosis requires an upfront bench fee of $75 before work begins.  This covers the labor to diagnose your amp and/or any simple repairs that can be done within 1 hour of inspection. You will then be given a written diagnosis of any issues and a cost estimate for any follow-on work before we complete any further service, which you can accept or decline.

Please note:  Customer repairs not picked up within 60 calendar days become the property of NH Guitars 

Not your typical setup, but we got this!