Not your typical setup, but we got this!

Get your axe playing like buttah!

Setup Club 

NH Guitars provides expert services for your guitars (electric and acoustic),  basses and ukuleles. These services that range from simple restrings, to full setups including action adjustment and intonation

For tube amps, we can perform re-tube and bias work, and assess and diagnose most issues.   For solid state amps, we can fix mechanical issues such as the replacement of speakers and input jacks.

Another option if you have several guitars that need setup, or if you want to do regular maintenance on your "baby", NH Guitars offers a setup subscription service called "Setup Club"‚Äč

Setup Club provides you with 4 guitar or bass setups for a discounted amount of $225 upfront.  Setups include restring, action adjust, intonation, check electronics and hardware and cleaning of the frets and fretboard.

This cost does not include strings or other work outside of the typical setup.  Call or visit the shop with questions and/or to sign up.

Guitar & Amp Repair