Peavey Special 150 Upgraded - $250

"The amp is great.  Thanks again for going above and beyond!" - Marc R.

Yamaha Programmable Mixer - $225

Marshall Lead 12 Combo Amp - $150

​​​​​​​​​​"Wicked nice guy, always has awesome stuff for very reasonable prices. Absolutely worth a look" - Dana G

Excellent condition 2008 Vox AC30C2, 30 watt, 2 x12" tube combo amp

This model is among the most versatile amps ever made in our opinion, historically providing tones from the Beatles to Queen and all in between

Part of "The Florida Collection", great shape and well-cared for.

Excellent condition Marshall AS50D Acoustic Amp

The dual channels on this beautiful Marshall acoustic amp allow for experimentation with a wide range of tones. Equipped with Marshall Anti-Feedback technology, chorus and reverb digital effects, as well as a microphone input.

50 watts, 2x8" Celestion speakers

Recently In:
* Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2 new in box:  SOLD
* PRS Mary Cries Optical Compressor in box: SOLD

* ProCo Rat: SOLD
* E-H Hot Tubes Overdrive: $55
* Boss CS-3 Compressor Sustainer SOLD
* MXR Noise Clamp: SOLD

NHG is now carrying this line of new solid state combo amps that are great for the beginner electric player!

​The LyxPro AGL-40 is a lightweight (15 pounds), 40 watt, 1 x 8" amp that includes controls for clean and boost (crunch) channels, 2 inputs, delay 
Aux in to connect an audio source (ex – phone or MP3 player)

"Great prices, very knowledgeable, fair and reasonable interactions from both the buying and selling side. I enjoy visiting some unique pieces every time I go over." - Caroline M.

Very good condition Fender Champion 600 tube combo amp

Vintage-style 5-watt tube amp with 1 x 6-inch speaker and 1950s "two tone" cosmetics. It has a single 12AX7A preamp tube and a single 6V6 rectifier tube, and features dual high and low instrument inputs and a single volume control​

Peavey Deuce Vintage Tube Combo - $395

​Vintage 1980s Marshall Lead 12 model 5005 solid state combo amp, made in England.  This is a 12 watt, 1 x 10" amp with a Celestion G10D-25 speaker.  Marshall crunch in a small, portable package.

Cosmetically this has been around and has 2 replacement knobs, but professionally gone through, sounds great!  

Excellent condition TC Electronic G Major, rackmountable guitar effects processor

​Multi-effects processor that offers reverb, delay, chorus, and looper effects. It has six primary effects blocks: compressor, filter/modulation, pitch, chorus/flanger, delay, and reverb. The G Major can run seven different effects and a tuner simultaneously​​​

Excellent condition ​Victoria Silver Sonic 20-watt tube combo with tremolo and reverb 

​Victoria amps are USA made in Illinois, hand-crafted one at a time and made with the finest components.  This sweet dual 6V6 powered Silver Sonic features the classic 5F6-A architecture combined with 100% tube reverb and harmonic filter vibrato all in a 1X12 combo cabinet.

Beautiful clean tones, words don't do it justice, come try 'er!

TCE G Major Effects Processor - $175

Excellent condition ​2014 Avatar 18 watt tube head and 2 x 12" cab

This delivers both blistering crunch similar to vintage Marshalls or Orange and nice, clear cleans

The cab has 2 x 12" Celestion Heritage G12M Greenbacks

"I love my "new" guitar!  Thanks Paul, very happy :)" - Paul S., Professional Musician

Peavey Bandit 112 Sheffield - $225

Very good condition Fender Princeton Chorus 2 x 10" solid state combo amp, made in the USA.

This amp has two independent 25.5-watt amplifiers that run in stereo mode Great option for clean or gain with 2 chorus controls

Adult-owned, never gigged

"Amp received, thanks so much.  I already shook the house with it.  A breath of fresh air" - Stephen M.

Marshall JCM2000 Tube Combo - $700

Guitar Amps 

​* Pedaltrain -3 Pedalboard: SOLD
* Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Pro 2+ Power Supply: SOLD
*  Morley A/B Y Switch: $35
* Behringer MicroHD HD400 Hum Destroyer: $20
* Pitchback Polyphonic Tuner: $50
*  Boss CH-1 Super Chorus: SOLD
*  Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer: $75
*  Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer: $70
*  Jangleboost Janglebox JB2 Compressor/Sustainer: $170
*  Dunlop CGB-95 Crybaby Wah: SOLD
*  TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb: $60
​Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo: SOLD

Vox AC30C2 2 x 12" Tube Combo - $895

Fender Champion 600 Tube Combo - $275


Marshall AS50D Acoustic Amp - $250

Excellent condition Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Tube amp head 

This is Egnater's flagship amp with 4 distinct channels of all-tube tone that give you the power to conjure virtually any sound imaginable from country twang, bluesy breakup, raunchy crunch to metallic roar.  ​Includes footswitch and Penn Elcom ATA road case

"I just wanted to Thank you again, I love the L-48!" – David B 

Avatar Tube Head & Cab - $1,500

Fender Princeton Chorus - $275

"(Big box guitar shop) could learn a lot from you" - Colm A., consignment customer

Very good condition Marshall JCM2000 TSL 602 Triple Super Lead

From our well-maintained "Florida Collection" this is a beast of a 3 channel, 60 watt tube combo amp that provides tons of classic Marshall crunch and can clean up nicely as well!

Excellent condition Marshall JVM C212 extension cab

From our well-maintained "Florida Collection" this is a 2 x 12", 140-watt cab with Celestion Heritage 8-ohm speakers.

This is a portable alternative to a 4 x 12" cab and with 140 watts of headroom, perfect for your 100 watt amp head.

"That amp is my secret's been on so many recordings" - Andrew, Music Producer

NEW - LyxPro Starter Amps - $125

Excellent condition Focusrite TwinTrak Pro dual channel preamp and compressor

​Dual channel mic preamp, DI, equalizer with "Air" boost, and compressor.​​​​​​

​​​* Earthquaker Acapulco Gold V2 Distortion in box: $90
* Pigtronix Disnortion in box: SOLD
*  Pigtronix Emanator Delay in box: $115
* Pigtronix Tide Rider Tremolo in box: $50
* JHS Overdrive Series 3 in box: SOLD


Good condition and very badazz 1979 Peavey Deuce VT Series. 120 watt tube power amp with solid state preamp.

Made in Meriden, MS, these were known as the primary amp for Lynyrd Skynyrd back in the day.  These are loud, crunchy and practically indestructable!

Includes correct Peavey 4-button automixer footswitch and amp cover.

Good condition Peavey Delta Blues 210 II tube combo amp​

30 watts, 2 x 10" speakers, 2 channels and tremolo option, sweet tube blues tone!

Includes Peavey 2-button footswitch

Peavey Delta Blues 210 II Tube Amp - $395

"Top-notch seller!  Very professional, easy going and I could have talked shop all night!  100% recommend" - Roscoe G.

"The amp is awesome!" - Chris C.

Random Pro Audio:

Marshall 2 x 12" Extension Cab - $750

Focusrite Compressor/PreAmp- $275

Good condition Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube Silverstrip with Sheffield speaker

Lots of classic Peavey crunch options!

The channels are switchable via the buttons, but the (optional) footswitch input is not functional.

Egnater Tourmaster Tube Head  - $695

Victoria Silver Sonic Tube Combo - $2,395

Very good condition Peavey Special 150 Solo Series solid state combo amp.  This is a 150 watt amp, so it cranks as you might imagine!

This has been upgraded with 1 x 12" Eminence Texas Heat Speaker

Normal Gain and Lead Gain channels, effects send/return loop in front and master reverb.  

Very good condition Yamaha Pro Mix 01 programmable mixer.  This looks to be circa 1994-1995

The ProMix 01 is a programmable mixer with analog-like operation and generally used as a PA mixer for small events. 

16 mono input channels, each with a master fader, motorized faders, effects and up to 50 mix scenes​