Kurzweil RG100SE 88 Key Digital Piano -  $450

"Met with Paul today. Great guy and awesome to work with. He worked with me with the purchase and was understanding of my needs. Hope to work with him again." - Michelle C

Sano Hi Fi Model A-3 Rare ‘50s Tube amp  - $375

Good condition, rare vintage Sano Model A-3 tube amp, circa early 1950’s.  Founded in New Jersey in 1951, Sano originally made amps for electric accordions and then for guitars.  This looks to be one of their earlier amps. 

Great vintage tone with 1 x 15” speaker, 3 inputs each with a volume control (“mixer”) plus controls for master volume, bass and treble.  This is suitable for guitar, bass and vocals.

Tubes: (3) 6C4 single triode pre-amp tubes, possibly a 6AX4.  For preamp tubes in the control panel – a 6SL7 and a 6SN7.  (2) 5881 power tubes and a 5U4 rectifier.  This was recently professionally serviced by my amp tech who replaced the supply filter capacitors, replaced the 2-prong cord and cleaned and checked all connections and functions.   Otherwise this looks all-original.

Cosmetically in very good shape for a ~ 50 year old amp!  Includes what looks to be the original cover.

Good condition and nice sounding vintage Silvertone 1333 Tube Combo Amp circa 1954 to 1957.  Made by Danelectro for Sears/Silvertone, this is a very cool looking amp with tan/tweed top and bottom of cab, black alligator side trim and large thread wheat/gold grille. 

1 x 12” speaker, 2 instrument inputs and 1 microphone input, each with volume control and functional.  1 tone control plus controls for tremolo depth and speed.  5 tubes with rectifier.

IMO this delivers a rich, warm sound at practice amp-level volumes.  A tremolo push switch would be needed to activate the tremolo (not included).  The Cosmetically this is in good shape with just some age-appropriate wear on the corners and sides.

Eastwood The Cosey Lefty Mando Style - $495

Very good condition, fully functional Kurzweil RG100SE digital piano with solid wooden base with built-in sustain and soft pedals.

88 weighted keys (all work and feel great, no sticky or dead keys), sound options for grand piano, electric piano, strings and pipe organ (great for church!).  Reverb and chorus effects.  Onboard recorder with playback, master volume slider.  20 watt onboard amplifier

Has a ¼” input in front for headphones, Midi in/out, ¼” pedal input, 1/8” RCA jacks for left/right audio in and out.  Includes Kurzweil Class 2 AC adaptor. 

1979 Gibson ES-175D Hollowbody -  $3,475

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"Paul was a joy to meet.  He is trustworthy and honest" - Rich S

"Great guy to deal with. Polite and very knowledgeable.  Great prices.. and he delivers!!! Bought two guitars in 2 weeks and looking at a third!" - Benny L.

Excellent condition 1979 Gibson ES-175D hollowbody archtop single cutaway electric made in USA.

With a fully hollow body and sharp Florentine cutaway, the Gibson ES-175 stands out as an all-time iconic jazz guitar.   Known as the workhorse of jazz guitar, the Gibson ES-175 is an iconic hollow body electric guitar loved by many legendary guitarists in the worlds of jazz, blues, rock, and fusion. The Gibson ES-175 has a recognizable sound that has been imitated by many guitar makers but seldom duplicated.

Any further description I try to give this won’t do it justice, except to say that this was owned and very lightly played by an adult collector.  Includes original Gibson locking hardshell case. 



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1952 Gibson Lap Steel w/P90 Pickup - $595

Contact me if you have high quality used gear you would like to offer for consignment sales 

"There should be more people like you out there" - Ryan

"Hey Paul - Thank you so much for the Silvertone! My brother and I have been going nuts playing it the last two days. Such a cool gnarly sound"  - Jacob R.

"Paul, me and Jeremy went to our practice space and ran both of those guitars hard.  They sound simply f******g amazing.  Thank you again" - Josh C.

Vintage Roland RE-301 Chorus Tape Echo circa 1970s to early 1980s in very good working and cosmetic condition

This is an iconic tape delay and chorus effect.  It was part of Roland's popular Space Echo series.  This is all original and still have the instruction sheet attached to the lid.

This runs quietly and is fully functional.

Roland RE-301 Chorus Tape Echo -  $1,500

Good condition 1952 Gibson BR-6 lap steel with a P90 pickup and original case.  This screams vintage vibe, plays and sounds great!

Gibson made this model between 1947 and 1960.  It features a guitar-shaped mahogany body and round neck.  1 volume and 1 tone knob each functioning as they should.  2 of the tuners are partially broken, but fully functional.

The electronics are fully functional, this sounds great plugged in.  Includes case which I am told is original.

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"Thanks Paul for the guitars and amps that you have sold for me thru NH Guitars in the last few months! Great to do business with!🙂 - Steve A.

"This is Joey P, bassist for the band Adherence.  I have grabbed a boatload of stuff from NH Guitars and I say without a doubt Paul is the best guy to get you fixed up with exactly what you need.  Trust me." - Joe P.

Excellent condition Eastwood “Morris The Cosey” Lefty Mandolin-Style semi-hollow electric, this is Eastwood's take on the 1975 Morris mandolin style guitar, made famous by Miles Davis sideman, Pete Cosey.

Set maple neck, maple top, mahogany back and sides in a beautiful sunburst finish with a single f-hole.  Rosewood fretboard with block markers, two Hofner style staple pickups, tune-o-matic bridge with stop tail all adds up to a nice, rich tone.

Owned by a collector and very lightly played, this looks, plays and sounds great.  The neck is straight, no discernable fret wear. 

"Heroic!  This will accompany me back to Nashville!" - International Country Music Performer"

"It's worth the drive!" - Steve from Boston

"I had my Ruby Red Rickenbacker on consignment with NH Guitars for two weeks and Paul found her a good home.  I know the buyer got a good deal and I’m happy the price we got.  Paul is a good guy. You can trust him as I did and will in the future.  Thank you Paul, Alan"

"This is the future of guitar shops" - Marie from Boston

Silvertone 1333 Tube Combo 1954-‘57 - $475

Vintage Consignment Collection

Home-based used guitars, basses & amps by appointment in Windham, NH

NH Guitars is offering these and other outstanding vintage guitars, basses and amps from a vintage gear collector  Please let me know if you would like more information or to see any of these:

*  1959 Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst, gold pickguard: $10,250

*  1960 Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst: $5,500

*  1964 Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon model:  $7,250

*  1972 Fender Jazz Bass: $3,750

*  1967 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Blacktop $3,500

*  1968 Fender Telecaster Lake Placid Blue w/Bigsby:  $12,500

* 1974 Rickenbacker 330 Mapleglo: $2,950

*  1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1954 ("Black Beauty") Reissue: $7,750

*  1966 Fender Mustang: $1,675

*  ~ 1992 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughn Strat: $1,500

*  1984 Fender Strat 1962 Reissue: $3,475

*  1967 Fender Pro Reverb: $2,250

*  1964 Mosrite Ventures Vibramute $4,500