NH Guitars is pleased to introduce Rik-Sha amplifiers!  This is a hand-crafted line of tube amplifiers in the style and tone of classic vintage Fender tube amps.

Rik-Sha amps are designed and hand-wired in New Hampshire by luthier and amp designer Rick Shaw.  These amps use high quality circuitry, tubes and speakers to produce a full, clean and sweet tone suitable for professional or in-home use.

NH Guitars is proud to be the exclusive dealer for these beauties including the “’57 Deluxe Tweed” and the “Princeton Extra”.  Please contact us for more details or to come try them out.

Yes, we know it's January in New Hampshire, but we are already stir crazy!

The first weekend day over 55 degrees, we will be out there with more guitarists than Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Keep those weather forecasts coming and stay tuned (and in tune!)

Strobel 3/4 sized Violin with Bow & Case - $250

NH Guitars offers guitar and bass lessons for all ages and all skill levels from beginners (kids and adults) to professional musicians.  We teach all music styles including rock, blues, metal, jazz, gospel and everything in between.

It's "Play as you go" - you can schedule lessons by pre-paying just 1 at a time.  ​We have a staff of instructors ranging from 15 to 40 years of playing experience

​Lessons can be in person or via Zoom.  ​Please call for details - 978.267.7597 or email Paul@NHGuitars.com

​Good condition Vega Commander 6 string lap steel.  These were made between 1937 to 1961 and I believe this was from the 1940s.

This is functional with a pickup under the bridge, 1 volume and 1 tone control. 

Includes vintage/possibly original Geib case, vintage 1/4” cable and slide​

"Super fast shipping, guitar better than expected, would do business again, A+." - Ed B. (Reverb)

"We love NH Guitars! Paul has fixed three guitars for us and now my daughter loves taking lessons with him! He has such great energy and is truly working to build a community of musicians in Windham! Thanks for all you do for Windham! " - Katrine S.

Outdoor Open Mics - Stay Tuned!

Conn Alto Saxophone with Case - $375

Rik-Sha Hand-Built Tube Amplifiers: $1,125

Featured Items

Exclusive Dealer of Rik-Sha Amps

​Very good condition 1974 Selmer Bundy alto saxophone, made in the USA.

This has been professionally repadded and recorked

Includes strap, mouthpiece and Bundy hard case.

1 Delahunty Road, Windham NH (Route 93, Exit 3)

11am to 7pm Tues-Sun.  

Call/text 978.267.7597

Special Hours:  

​Mondays by appointment

Customer Service and Quality

"NH Guitars is a must go to guitar store; it’s simply the best of the best!" - Tim S.

"Very accomodating to schedule, warm & friendly environment, lots of laughs, look forward to going back! " - Desiree D.

"Paul answered my call on the 2nd ring at 7:00 pm.  I called to make inquiry about a guitar set up, as I was leaving for vacation 2 days later and wanted to have this done prior.  Paul met me that night and took my guitar, he set it up the next morning and I picked it up that afternoon. He has……very big service standards. I will call on him again for future service. – Mike D."

More Saxophones - $275 to $575

"Paul was a joy to meet.  He is trustworthy and honest" - Rich S

"You've built a great shop in such a short amount of time! Your customer base is incredible and is a reflection on YOU and your personal and business character" - Karl D.

Shure 55, 1950s "Elvis Mic" - $295

Cool guitars, lessons & repairs in tax-free NH!

"Great guy to deal with. Polite and very knowledgeable.  Great prices.. and he delivers!!! Bought two guitars in 2 weeks and looking at a third!" - Benny L.

​Frederick A Strobel 3/4 sized, model ML 85 student violin with bow and hard case made in 2007

Built to last with laminated construction and high-quality finishes, Model 85 violins from Strobel offer an incredible richness of sound and ease of playability in an entry-level instrument.

This has not been played in several years, but was tested to be playable by a violin player (which I am not, so please feel free to come check out).​

​Very good condition, fully playable Conn alto saxophone circa 1988.

This has been professionally reconditioned including new pads and neck cork.  Includes a mouthpiece, neck strap, reed and case.

"Hey Paul - Thank you so much for the Silvertone! My brother and I have been going nuts playing it the last two days. Such a cool gnarly sound"  - Jacob R.

NHG gift certificates are in and ready for you to give the gift of cool guitar gear, lessons, or maybe help Grandma fix up that old BC Rich?

Celestion F12-X200 Speaker Pair - $285

"Guitar arrived quickly and was VERY well packed.  I found Paul to be a swift responding and personable seller. A great transaction indeed AAA+" - Tony C. (Reverb)

​This is the real deal 1950's Shure 55 Dynamic Microphone. This is the same iconic mic that has been called "the most recognized microphone in the world" and "The Elvis Mic".

Very good condition, this apparently went unused for many years.  No bent or cracked ribs.   Some of the black foam inside is missing.  The front slider button has broken off, but functional.

This includes the proper 3 pin Amphenol connector cable to male XLR plug (1 foot Cable w/3 pin connector fits jack for Amphenol 91-MC3M).  ​

" If y'all want high quality stuff, from a person that cares about their customers and cares about the gear that they hold, buy from NH Guitars!!!! Won't be going anywhere else on Reverb!!." - Cody C.

​NH Guitars’ customer satisfaction ratings are unmatched, and grounded in our core values of customer service and quality.

All of our guitars and amps undergo a detailed quality check before they hit the floor to ensure 100% functionality and playability

Our guitars must pass a quality control process that includes standards for mechanical, setup, performance and cosmetics.  Amps go through a similar process for both tube and solid states.

Not every instrument is perfect, but here you know what you are getting and we guarantee your satisfaction!

1974 Selmer Bundy Alto Sax w/ Case - $375

We've got techs for guitars (electric and acoustic) as well as amps (tube and solid state).

​Turnaround time is usually within days rather than weeks, call for details!

"Thanks Paul for the guitars and amps that you have sold for me thru NH Guitars in the last few months! Great to do business with!🙂 - Steve A.

Lessons - In Person or Remote

"NH Guitars ....has what big box stores lack! Knowledge, support, great value and service. You will feel like you'r purchasing something from a friend who has YOUR best interest at heart. That said: I give them 5* out of 5* " - Dave D.

Vega Commander Vintage Lap Steel - $450

"Heroic!  This will accompany me back to Nashville!" - International Country Music Artist

​Pair of excellent condition Celestion F12-X200 full range, flat response speakers

200 watts power.

Adult-owned and lightly used for modeling setups.​

Gift Certificates 

Guitar and Amp Repair

"This is the future of guitar shops" - Marie from Boston

"I had my Ruby Red Rickenbacker on consignment with NH Guitars for two weeks and Paul found her a good home.  I know the buyer got a good deal and I’m happy the price we got.  Paul is a good guy. You can trust him as I did and will in the future.  Thank you Paul, Alan"

"This is Joey P, bassist for the band Adherence.  I have grabbed a boatload of stuff from NH Guitars and I say without a doubt Paul is the best guy to get you fixed up with exactly what you need.  Trust me." - Joe P.

"There should be more people like you out there" - Ryan

More horns, all with hard cases:

Front: Selmer Bundy II Alto Sax, Fair Condition: $295

Left: Conn 24M USA Alto sax, 1999 - 2000, recorked neck: SOLD

Right: Buffet Crompton Tenor Sax, Good Condition:  SOLD

Also: Conn 20M Alto Sax: SOLD