Good condition 1966 Fender Mustang with original functional hard case.  This looks, plays and sounds great!  The action is very good.  2 angled single coil pickups with fully functioning pair of 3-position pickup selector switches (on in phase/off/on out of phase).  Maple neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.  24” scale. 

This was refinished and has a replacement pickguard assembly and wiring, and neckplate (they are “period correct” ‘65/’66 parts - underside of pick guard has date of ’66).  Cosmetically this has age-appropriate wear and looks nicely naturally relic’ed. 

This is both a sweet vintage piece as well as very playable.  Note: Neckplate with serial number of L32513 designates a 1964, but it is a replacement.  I am selling this on behalf of a collector who has dated this Mustang to 1966 based on the date on the heel of neck.

Kentucky KM630 F-Style Mandolin w/case - $TBD

Guitar and amp repairs provided by experienced luthiers and amp techs

"Heroic!  This will accompany me back to Nashville!" - International Country Music Performer"

Excellent condition and sweet sounding Marshall DSL40C, 40 watt tube combo amp with an upgraded 12” Celestion Creamback G12M speaker and Marshall footswitch.  (I believe the stock speaker on this is the Celestion Seventy 80 speaker with has been described as not as smooth-sounding as this Creamback.)

Two footswitchable channels - Classic Gain and Ultra Gain with two modes per channel for extra flexibility.  Footswitchable, studio-quality, digital Reverb with Level control for each channel.  Shared 5-way EQ - Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence and Resonance and a Mid-Shift button.  Tubes: four 12AX7; two EL34.  Pentode/Triode switch in back to drop power down from 40W to 20W

Includes Marshall 2-way footswitch (channel and reverb).  Cosmetically this is in great shape and sounds great!

BC Rich Platinum Series Warlock - $225

Just In!

Ibanez Ergodyne active EQ 5-string bass- $275

Coming soon - I am very much looking forward to getting this early 2000's Kentucky mandolin (built by Saga Musical Instruments) in house!  Will publish more details once I do.

Excellent condition Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Classic 6 string electric in Antique Amber finish with hard case

Beautifully appointed with a mahogany body, quilted maple top, abalone Vine of Life inlay on a 25.5” scale, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard, gold covered Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz Tone Pro humbuckers, multi-laminate maple/walnut neck, cream binding, Mother of Pearl ˜Classic' badge at 12th fret, string through body, 5 way selector switch, Grover tuners, gold hardware and custom knobs.  Frets are in very good shape.

This was adult-owned by a collector and never left the house.  Comes with unbranded tweed hard case.  S/N 0231854

"Thanks Paul for the guitars and amps that you have sold for me thru NH Guitars in the last few months ! Great to do business with!🙂 - Steve A.

Featured Items

1966 Fender Mustang w/original hard case - $1,100

Coming soon - excellent condition and generally sick looking BC Rich Warlock Platinum Series electric guitar with batwing headstock.  Black with sweet cream binding.  4 bolt neck with trem system.  

Hard to find these in this good condition without dings on the edges, but this one shreds and was well taken care of by an adult owner.  Neck is straight, easy to play

2 BC Rich humbuckers and trem system.  Plays and sounds great.  Serial number 0002060451 (thinking this is an import from year 2000.)

Good condition 1952 Gibson BR-6 lap steel with a P90 pickup and original case.  This screams vintage vibe, plays and sounds great!

Gibson made this model between 1947 and 1960.  It features a guitar-shaped mahogany body and round neck.  1 volume and 1 tone knob each functioning as they should.  2 of the tuners are partially broken, but fully functional.

The electronics are fully functional, this sounds great plugged in.  Includes case which I am told is original.

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"Great guy to deal with. Polite and very knowledgeable.  Great prices.. and he delivers!!! Bought two guitars in 2 weeks and looking at a third!" - Benny L.

"Hey Paul - Thank you so much for the Silvertone! My brother and I have been going nuts playing it the last two days. Such a cool gnarly sound"  - Jacob R.

​Good condition and very playable 1965 cherry Gibson Melody Maker.  Nice vintage piece that you can also use to show off on stage or in the garage!  I am selling this for a collector who has dated this to 1965 based on the pots.

Double cutaway with one single coil pickup.  The neck is straight, this plays and sounds great.  Adjustable bridge and vibrato tailpiece (sans trem arm).

This had a neck repair at the headstock that was nicely repaired by a professional luthier.  The neck is solid and this does not affect playability.  Otherwise cosmetically this is in pretty good shape with nothing more than age-appropriate scratches and small dings.  Serial number 504399 ​

Good condition and nice sounding vintage Silvertone 1333 Tube Combo Amp circa 1954 to 1957.  Made by Danelectro for Sears/Silvertone, this is a very cool looking amp with tan/tweed top and bottom of cab, black alligator side trim and large thread wheat/gold grille. 

1 x 12” speaker, 2 instrument inputs and 1 microphone input, each with volume control and functional.  1 tone control plus controls for tremolo depth and speed.  5 tubes with rectifier.

IMO this delivers a rich, warm sound at practice amp-level volumes.  A tremolo push switch would be needed to activate the tremolo (not included).  The Cosmetically this is in good shape with just some age-appropriate wear on the corners and sides.

Marshall DSL40C tube combo w/Creamback - $475

​​     Visit my showroom near Salem, NH, or delivery is possible to Salem, Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth NH.  Also in/around Boston, MA, Routes 95 and 495.  Maybe even Maine!


Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Classic w/hard case - $695

2016 Gibson Memphis ES-335 “Late-Sixties” - $3,700

"Paul, me and Jeremy went to our practice space and ran both of those guitars hard.  They sound simply f******g amazing.  Thank you again" - Josh C.

Sigma by Martin CS-2 Classical Acoustic - $175

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"It's worth the drive!" - Steve from Boston

Very good condition and fully functional Orange Crush Pro 120, 120-watt solid state amp head

This Crush amp delivers more authentic Orange tone than ever with both amp channels designed after the Rockerverb. The clean channel sports two gain stages that start to break up when it's cranked, and the dirty channel uses four gain stages to deliver classic Orange overdrive tones.  Also has 3 digital reverb options.

Cosmetically this looks great, no significant tears, scratches or stains.

​2016 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Limited Run “Late Sixties” series (1968-1969 replica) semi-hollow body electric with Gibson hard case.  Made in the Memphis plant before production moved to Nashville.  This guitar was only produced for one year.  Plays and sounds incredible as you may expect.

Beautiful light burst finish as they were in the late ‘60s.  Features VOS Memphis Historic Spec PAF Humbuckers, period-correct slimmer, narrower neck for great action and playability.  Maple top and back, mahogany neck with dark rosewood fretboard with small block inlays.  Chrome plated trapeze tailpiece.

This has been lightly played and has some small faint scratches on the finish and one blemish on top.  All original electronics and hardware from factory with the Certificate of Authenticity.  Includes a Gibson HSC in excellent condition.  Made in Memphis, TN.  Model number ES6916LBNT1, serial number 670082.​

Silvertone 1333 Tube Combo Amp 1954-‘57 - $550

"Met with Paul today. Great guy and awesome to work with. He worked with me with the purchase and was understanding of my needs. Hope to work with him again." - Michelle C

Just in and getting set up.....very good condition Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 605 5-string bass with active EQ (with a new 9V battery), strap locks and gig bag.  

Luthite body, 3 piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 2 Ibanez IBZ DXH2 pickups.  Controls: 2 volume plus 3band active EQ.

Cosmetically this is in very good condition with no major scratches or dings

1965 Gibson Melody Maker - $1,100

Just in.....want to put some new strings on this one and she'll be good to go soon!

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Orange Crush Pro 120 Solid State Amp Head - $325

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"Paul was a joy to meet.  He is trustworthy and honest" - Rich S

"There should be more people like you out there" - Ryan

"I had my Ruby Red Rickenbacker on consignment with NH Guitars for two weeks and Paul found her a good home.  I know the buyer got a good deal and I’m happy the price we got.  Paul is a good guy. You can trust him as I did and will in the future.  Thank you Paul, Alan"

1952 Gibson BR-6 Lap Steel w/P90 & orig. Case - $625