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I am not a tube guy, but got some from an amp tech who is.

These are tested, working vintage tubes as follows:

* (4) 1958 Baldwin by Raytheon 12AX7A tubes - $20/each

*  GE 5751 NOS in box - $35

*  GE 12AX7A NOS in box - $35

Amps and Effects

"Great prices, very knowledgeable, fair and reasonable interactions from both the buying and selling side. I enjoy visiting some unique pieces every time I go over." - Caroline M.

Vox AD120VTH Hybrid Amp Head - $250

Vintage Electro-Voice SRO/12, 12”, 8 ohm “coffee can” speaker that at minimum needs a re-cone due to a small tear in the cone.​

When I can get the multimeter numbers to settle down at the 200 ohm setting, I get readings in the low 9’s 

​Selling as-is for best offer

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Effects and Stuff

"That amp is my secret weapon....it's been on so many recordings" - Andrew, Music Producer

Vintage Amp Tubes - Prices Below

​Very good condition Vox AD120VTH Valvetronix 120 watt (2 x 60 watt) stereo hybrid modeling guitar amp head.  Circa early 2000’s the has the nicer blue grille covering (before the metal grate covering). 

This has the Valve-Reactor output circuitry, that uses a 12AX7 tube in each channel giving it a more realistic tube amp sound.  Solid state pre-amp section using Korg’s electric circuit

It will replicate the sound of 16 classic amps, 10 pedals, and includes programmable effects (21 plus noise reduction in 32 programs).  Built-in tuner and effects loop.  This can provide full power at any impedance setting -- 4, 8, or 16 Ohms and can also be used at lower power.

Egnater Armageddon and Krank Cab - $1,300

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Yamaha G50-210 Solid State Combo - $240

Electro-Voice SRO/12 Speaker As-Is - $50

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Very good condition Egnater Armageddon 120 watt, 3 channel tube head, Egnater 7 button footswitch and Krank 4 x 12” cab.  If you are still reading this, you pretty much know what this stack can do.  It has been recently in storage, prior to which the owner had put only about 10 hours on this rig. 

The head includes the ISP Decimator noise reducer.  Channel 1 is clean, Channels 2 and 3 share high gain tone controls.  The master midrange controls allow for fine tuning the precise amount of mid cut or boost.  The independent reverb controls on each channel allow you to dial in just a touch of reverb or soak your tone in it.

The 7-button footswitch gives you control over every amp feature. MIDI IN and THRU connections, as well as external setup switches.

Selling together as one unit for $1,300.  Sold separately the head is $950 and the cab is $350​

Great finds on tube and solid-state amp heads, combos and cabs from Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, Randall, Carvin, Ampeg, Peavey and others plus effects (pedals and rack gear) 

"Amp received, thanks so much.  I already shook the house with it.  A breath of fresh air" - Stephen M.

"I love my "new" guitar!  Thanks Paul, very happy :)" - Paul S., Professional Musician

Sweet sounding, cosmetically good-to-fair condition, Yamaha G50-210 solid state combo amp, made in Japan circa 1980s.  This was part of the line of amps from Yamaha as a response to the Roland Jazz Chorus.  People who know these somewhat seldom-seen amps love them as among the best solid state amps. 

This is a real clean machine tone-wise with 2 × 10” original Yamaha branded speakers, 2 inputs for high and low, 3-band EQ.  Controls for reverb, tremolo, and distortion.  This is dusty and has some scuffs, but sounds great!