Marshall 3 Button Foot Switch: $40

​Good condition Marshall 3-button footswitch, I believe this is the PED803-3.

Options for Clean/Overdrive, Overdrive 1/Overdrive 2 and Chorus on/off.  I don’t currently have the right Marshall amp to test this, so feel free to buy it/try it and see if it works for you.


"Paul is the kind of guy you hope to do business with.  Super trustworthy, down to earth dude, not a drop of sketchiness to him." - Marc B.

Acoustic Control Corporation Model 117 solid state combo guitar amp.  This is a fairly rare amp, made in the USA circa late 1970’s – early ‘80s.  Output is either 50 or 60 watts, 1 x 12” speaker.  I just had this gone through by my amp tech who re-soldered a couple of loose joints, it all checks out and sounds very nice and clean as it should.  This is on casters for easy rolling around.

2 inputs for 0 db and -15 db, a push button button for bright, 3 band EQ plus master volume and reverb provides nice vintage clean and bright tones.  The reverb is very subtle.  This would be something that you may want to crunch up with a pedal in front if you wanted to rock out.

Outputs for line out and a foot switch (not included).  This all looks original with the exception of the master volume knob.  S/N 01476

Fender Super Champ X2 Tube Amp Head - $225

Ibanez Tone Blaster TB100H Amp Head - $160

Other Gear (US shipping is available on pedals and accessories

Good condition and fully functional Peavey 5150 Slant 4 x 12”, 16 ohm amp cabinet.  Just missing the Peavey logo (and one of the casters turns a little funky).  Sounds great!

Designed to Eddie Van Halen's exacting specifications with 4 x 12" Sheffield 1200 specially-voiced speakers loaded in a biplanar-aligned, infinite baffle, 300W closed-back cabinet. 1/4" and XLR jacks. High-density plywood construction, recessed handles, and heavy-duty casters.

30"W x 32-3/8"H x 14-1/8"D, 96 lbs.  Serial number 08208083 (2008?)

Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive Pedal: $95

Good condition and fully functioning Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive pedal made in the USA with 9 volt AC adapter.

Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive is an overdrive pedal featuring a unique “clean” control. Its overdrive circuit provides the same tone as a vintage ‘808. Then the clean control blends back in a boosted direct signal. This restores the attack and feel which is lost in a highly compressed overdrive circuit.

The Sparkle Drive utilizes the same concept as layering two amps, one clean and the other saturated. With the clean control turned down, you get a classic overdrive tone. All the way up, it provides a super transparent, 100% clean boost.

The Sparkle Drive features true bypass switching, a heavy duty metal switch and on/off status LED.  Cosmetically this has some black tape and velcro residue on the back.  


Great finds on tube and solid-state amp heads, combos and cabs from Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, Randall, Carvin, Peavey and others plus effects (pedals and rack gear) 

Very good condition and fully functional Ibanez Tone Blaster TB100H, 100 watt solid state amp head

100 watt output at 8 ohms.  Overdrive channel with 3 band EQ (with pull shift control for midrange), reverb, volume and gain, this gets some great rock and metal tones.  Clean channel is surprisingly crisp IMO with 3 band EQ, reverb, volume and gain with boost button.  Master presence.  Overall this cranks and is in good condition.  Serial number S030708633

Very good condition and fully functional Peavey 6505, 60-watt 2 x 12” tube combo amp made in the USA.  This is a beast on wheels and IMO is crazy loud for a 60 watt amp.  Great for classic rock crunch or metal.  Reminds me of a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 112 combo.

This pours out a punishing 60W through 2 Sheffield 1200 speakers in a closed-back cabinet for aggressive tone with plenty of low end.  2 inputs – high and low gain.  Footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select and reverb defeat. Master controls include 3-band EQ, resonance, and presence. Rhythm channel uses pre/post gain controls and bright/crunch switches. Lead channel has pre/post gain controls.

I bought this from a trusted source who estimated that the tubes have approximately 20 hours of use on them.  I just had the reverb tank replaced.

Peavey 5150 Slant 4 x 12” Amp Cabinet - $275

Good condition vintage Fender Sidekick Reverb 15, 15- watt amp.  This amp was produced between 1983 and 1985.

Nice Fender cleans with the ability to add gain with controls for gain, gain volume, master volume, 3 band EQ and reverb.  Generates some volume, good practice amp.  I am working on some scratchy pots.

Jet City JCA 12S 1 x 12" Amp Cab - $100

Amps and Effects

B-52 AT-100 Tube Amp Head with F/S - $275

"I love my amplifier" - Eliezer A.

"Wicked nice guy, always has awesome stuff for very reasonable prices. Absolutely worth a look" - Dana G.

Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Wah: $45

​Good condition Dunlop Crybaby Wah model GCB-95. 

Works well with new 9 volt battery.  I have optionally for purchase a 9 volt adaptor if you would like as well

Missing 1 of the 4 rubber foot buttons


Vox Valvetronix VT30 modeling combo amp - $125

Blackstar Amp Cab/Monitor modified - $150

 1965 Silvertone 1482 Tube Combo Amp - $450

​Generally good condition Peavey Classic Chorus 212 teal stripe combo amp made in the USA with 2 x 12” Scorpion speakers.  75 watts RMS, so this cranks.

2 inputs – high ad low gain, 2 channels – normal (with push button for bright option) and lead with supersat control and push buttons for shift and gain.  EQ has low, mid (knob has broken off), high and presence.  Also has voicing controls for bottom, body and edge.

Essentially you can dial up a range of tones from clean chorus to saturated high gain with volume.  Body/tolex has some minor dings on the corners.  Serial #: 00-06361439​

Very good condition and fully functional Jet City JCA 12S 1 x 12" 16 ohm cab with Eminence speaker.  Use it as the foundation of a 20 watt half stack with JCA20H or even in a full stack configuration. It is also the same dimensions as the JCA2112RC so stack them up for increased speaker volume.

This handles power up to 70 watts RMS.  The Jet City logo is currently unattached, otherwise in great shape.  I tested this with an Orange Dark Terror head and it sounded pretty sick!

Good condition and fully crankin’ B52 AT-100, 100-watt tube amp head with B-52 foot switch.  This is a great metal and hard rock tube head.

Master volume, low-res (resonance) and reverb plus 3 channels with 3 band EQ- Clean (with bright button), Gain 1 (Crunch) and Gain 2 (Lead).  Tri-mode Rectifier switch in back to switch between tube and solid state (Tube A, Tube A+B, and solid state).   High and low gain inputs.  The assignable contour (mid-scoop) control gives you the ability to make each overdrive channel sound radically different.

Cosmetically this is in good-to-fair shape with several scuff marks (adds character, of course!) and missing a red “on” light plastic cover.

Good condition and fully functional Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT50, 50-watt solid state amp head with tube preamp.

2 channels – Clean and Overdrive.  Clean has controls for gain, volume, bass and treble.  Overdrive has controls for gain, volume, bass, middle and treble.  Master reverb with depth control.  If you know Marshall amps, this does what it’s supposed to do – decent cleans and ripping gain bolstered by the tube pre-amp.  Cosmetically this is in good condition with primarily a small ding on the top front.  Made in England.  

Good condition original model 1978 Peavey Backstage 30 made in USA.  1 x 10” speaker that produces 18 pretty loud watts for a compact amp!  2 inputs – high and low gain.  Controls for gain, 3-band EQ and master gain (volume).  Also has a pre-amp output jack for external speakers.

This was recently professionally serviced to re-connect a couple of contacts on the circuit board that was causing some intermittency.  This functions well with just a little scratchiness from the pre-gain pot.

S/N 8A-178653 which I am told by Peavey Customer Service that this is from 1978, I believe first year of this model.  Operating guide:

Peavey Classic Chorus 212 Combo Amp - $125

Marshall Valvestate AVT50H amp head - $200

Johnson JT50 Modeling Amp w/controller - $125

1978 Peavey Backstage 30 Solid State Amp - $75

​Very good condition 1965 Silvertone Model 1482 Tube Combo Amp, great warm sounding tremolo machine and I believe all-original and that this is likely a 1965.

15 watts, 1 x 12”, 6 tubes with control panel mounted vertically on the right side.  2 instrument inputs and 1 microphone input in back with controls for volume and tone.  Tremolo controls for speed and strength.  Everything functions well and cosmetically this is in particularly good shape for its age.

Crate MX120R 2 x 12" combo amp - $125

Rocktek '80's Distortion Pedal: $25

Good condition Rocktek DIR-1 Distortion Pedal.  I think this is from the mid to late 1980’s

Level, tone and distortion controls.  Works with it’s new 9V battery, but not with the AC adaptors that I tried it with.

Made in China, serial # 52213


"The amp is awesome!" - Chris C.

 Peavey 6505 2 x 12" Tube Combo Amp - $450

Very good condition and fully functional Johnson JT50 Mirage 24 bit digital modeling combo amp with foot controller and User’s Guide.

50 watts, 1 x 12” Johnson Premium speaker with 12 different amp models, 7 effects and the ability to use 3 effects simultaneously.  Add modulation options, pitch shifting, delay and reverb and you’ve got about a zillion different tone options to create.  This is in very good condition, well-taken care of by its adult owner.

​Good condition Vox Valvetronix VT30, 30 watt, 1 x 10” modeling solid state combo amp with Valve Reactor pre-amp.  This has 22 amp models from vintage to modern plus 12 effects, providing tons of different tone options.  The Vox Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 miniature triode to reproduce a distinctive tube amp sound.

3 banks (basic, effected, and song) are provided for each amp model, giving you a total of 66 preset programs.  22 programs of "song presets" simulate the sounds of famous guitarists.  You can save 8 of your own edited programs​

Harley Benton Locking Tuners - Set of 6: $35

​Excellent condition set of 6 Harley Benton locking tuners

Got these as an add-in on a deal, so don’t have any history on them, but I can say they look pretty new


Peavey KB60 Acoustic/Bass/Keyboard amp - $125

Good condition Blackstar slanted amp cabinet that appears to have been modified be used both as a regular amp cab with a 1 x 12” made in the USA Eminence Legend speaker in front, as well as a 6” Focal speaker in the back. 

Each speaker has its own separate and fully function input in the back.  I don’t yet know the wattage that this can handle, but I see that there are a number of Blackstar 1 x 12” cabs rated to handle 80 watts.

Used either way, I tested this as both a both cab and monitor and it sounds great.   

Vox VFS5 5-Button Foot Switch: $40

​​Good condition Vox VFS5 5-Button Footswitch for the Vox Valvetronix VT15 and VT30 amps.

Use the VFS5 to switch programs, turn reverb or other effects on and off, or make speed/tap settings using your foot. This flexibility is a great advantage when you're creating sounds or performing live. The VFS5 footswitch employs a tough steel design with traditional mechanical foot switches and an extra-long 5-meter integral jack lead.

The Vox VFS5 footswitch currently works only with the following Vox Valvetronix amplifiers: VT15, VT30, VT50, and VT100.


Excellent condition very lightly used Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt vintage modified, 2-channel tube amp head

This is a very cool update of Fender’s classic Champ series and adds options for 16 different amp voicings from crystal clean to hard crunch plus 5 effects options (vibratone, delay, reverb, chorus, tremolo).   

Delivers 15 watts from two 6V6GT tubes with a 12AX7A pre-amp tube.  1/4” line output and external speaker capability.  USB output for easy digital connectivity.  This has a date sticker of March 7, 2019.  S/N M1716000.  

Fender Sidekick Reverb 15 Vintage Amp - $75

Acoustic Model 117 Vintage Combo Amp - $160

Good condition and fully functional Crate MX120R 2 x 12" combo amp, made in the USA.

This is a whole lotta loud for the buck and pretty straightforward – 2 footswitchable channels – Overdrive and Clean.   Overdrive has gain 1 and gain 2 with shape control plus low and high EQ and level (volume).  Clean has 3-band EQ and level.  Master reverb on both.  Cosmetically this is in very good shape and was from an adult owner.

Good condition and recently professionally serviced Peavey KB60 keyboard, bass and/or acoustic electric guitar 50-watt amp, made in the USA.

This amp features multi-channel inputs that can utilize both high and low gain, semi-parametric EQ, and built in reverb. Channel 1 offers a gain switch that allows for a 12db boost.  Send/return jack to add effects pre-EQ.    Headphone jack in the back.

Cosmetically this is a little dusty.  Recently had a loose connection to the reverb unit re-connected, this functions perfectly.