Peavey Express 112 TransTube Amp - $100

"Top-notch seller!  Very professional, easy going and I could have talked shop all night!  100% recommend" - Roscoe G.

Regular customers will recognize this right away!  Time to change the decor a bit.

Generally good condition KISS lunchbox from the year 2000 (not one of the originals from the 1970s).  No thermos.

Has some age-appropriate scratches, but generally good shape for your rock cave or to send the kiddies back to school in style!

"Paul is the kind of guy you hope to do business with.  Super trustworthy, down to earth dude, not a drop of sketchiness to him." - Marc B.

"I love my "new" guitar!  Thanks Paul, very happy :)" - Paul S., Professional Musician

​​​​​​"Wicked nice guy, always has awesome stuff for very reasonable prices. Absolutely worth a look" - Dana G.

"Trust me you are a savior!" - Kaustubh H.

Effects & Accessories

"Great prices, very knowledgeable, fair and reasonable interactions from both the buying and selling side. I enjoy visiting some unique pieces every time I go over." - Caroline M.

​Very good condition Roland VG-88 Guitar effects processor, appears to be Version 1.02

The VG-88 is a guitar/amp modeling system built with 200 presets, COSM modeling technology and polyphonic pitch shifting.

This does not come with the Roland GK-2 or GK-3 pickup system that is necessary for full functionality.

Good condition and fully functional circa mid-1960s Harmony H400A tube amp made in the USA.

3 inputs and controls for on/volume and tone. This is a great option for both cleans and some broken up crunch when cranked up.  Output I believe is 8 watts using 3 tubes that I understand to be original (35w4, 12au6 and 50c5) and 1 x 8” Jensen Special Design speaker (looks original).

This runs with a slight hum and has the original 2-prong cord.

Unbranded Vintage Cab/EV SRO 15" Speaker - $125

KISS Lunchbox - $50

"The amp is awesome!" - Chris C.

RCA Reel to Reel Tape Recorder - Parts/Repair - $35

Good condition Crate FXT120 3-channel amp with footswitch.  This is a very under-rated amp that can provide surprisingly good cleans as well as bone crunching gain.  And it gets loud!  2 x 12” speakers, 120 watts.  Has some cosmetic scuffs, scrapes and dust.

Footswitch channel controls: 
Clean:  Neither left or middle button pushed
Gain 1:  Left button
Gain 2:  Middle button
DFX Effects on/off:  Right button

Amps and Effects

"That amp is my secret's been on so many recordings" - Andrew, Music Producer

Vintage Amp Tubes - Prices Below

​Fair condition Peavey Express 112 TransTube 65-Watt 1 x 12” Silver Trim guitar combo amp circa 1990s.  I just got this serviced to clean up some scratchy pots.

Sheffield Model 1230 speaker along with push buttons provide tone options including clean, gain and thrash, each with 3 band EQ plus master reverb.

Missing 1 knob, but easily turnable.  Also some of the knobs are mis-matched.  Cord is missing the ground lug, but it plugs in and operates with the 2 prongs.​

"Amp received, thanks so much.  I already shook the house with it.  A breath of fresh air" - Stephen M.

RCA Vintage Portable Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Model YLS-15B with microphone and 2 prong power cable

Overall looks good and seems to power up, however not getting the reels to turn.  Guessing it needs a belt, but selling as-is to someone who knows more about this.

Roland VG-88 Effects Processor - $125

Great finds on used and vintage tube and solid-state amp heads, combos and cabs from Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, Randall, Carvin, Peavey and others.  Also guitar and bass effects pedals and other goodies!

Harmony H400A 1960's Tube Amp - $325

Crate FXT120 Amp w/Footswitch - $125

Ibanez Troubadour TA225 Acoustic Amp - $200

"(Retail guitar shop) could learn a lot from you" - Colm A., consignment customer

Unknown brand, but very vintage looking and great sounding guitar or bass cab featuring 1 x 15” Electro-Voice SRO/15, 8 ohm vintage 1970’s “coffee can” speaker

I am assuming that this was a 2 x 12” or 2 x 15” guitar or bass cab at one point.  This currently has the one E-V speaker now.  This sounds great as you would expect from an E-V SRO speaker.  Like so many cabs and amps (and shopping carts lol) on 4 casters, 3 of them function, 1 is broken 

These are tested, working vintage tubes as follows:

* (4) 1958 Baldwin by Raytheon 12AX7A tubes - $20/each

*  GE 5751 NOS in box - $35

*  GE 12AX7A NOS in box - $35

​Good condition, fully functional Ibanez Troubadour TA225 2 x 10” stereo acoustic amp.  This is a nice option for an acoustic/electric guitar plus vocals.

Inputs for guitar and 2 inputs for microphone (1/4” and XLR inputs) each with separate controls plus chorus and reverb effects.  Aux input, effects loop send/return jacks, output jack for footswitch (not included) and line out jack.

Cosmetically in good shape, no significant dings, dents or tears.​