1965 Silvertone 1482 Tube Combo Amp - $450

​Excellent condition Marshall MG30CFX solid state combo Amp, 4 channels – Clean/Crunch and Overdrive 1/Overdrive 2.  30 watts with a 1 x 12” speaker. 

Onboard effects are Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Delay plus Reverb options for both Spring and Studio

Cosmetically this is in great shape (very lightly used per the previous owner) with no significant dings, tears or scratches.  Includes Owners Manual.​

Amps and Effects

Line 6 Spider II HD75 Amp Head - $100

Effects and Stuff

​Fair condition, functional Charvel (by Jackson/Charvel) CH-200B, 20 watt solid state combo amp.  This was marketed as a bass amp, but sounds fine for a guitar.

1 x 8” speaker, master volume with 4 band EQ and effects loop.  Charvel make these amps in Korea in the 1990’s (serial number 930120168, so I am guessing this is from 1993)

Just some minor pot scratchiness, otherwise this sound fine for a practice amp.  Cosmetically this is in fair condition with some sticker residue, tolex tears and some plastic missing on the handle.​

​Very good condition Line 6 Spider II HD75, 75-watt solid state guitar amp head.  Plenty of tone options with 4 channels (Clean, Crunch, Metal and Insane), drive control, 3-band EQ and channel volume

Also effects – chorus, flange, phaser and tremolo as well as sweep echo, tape echo and reverb.  Inputs for CD/MP3 and FBV pedal (not included).  Outputs for phones/record and 2 speakers

​​Very good condition and fully functional Electro-Harmonix Muff Overdrive pedal

Nice added overdrive and volume boost

Works fine with existing 9V battery, optional 9V AC adaptor is available as well


​​​​​​"Wicked nice guy, always has awesome stuff for very reasonable prices. Absolutely worth a look" - Dana G.

"Great prices, very knowledgeable, fair and reasonable interactions from both the buying and selling side. I enjoy visiting some unique pieces every time I go over." - Caroline M.

​Good condition and functional Vega Commander tube amp from the 1940s, my best guess is 1946.  Vega has been in existence since 1903, originally in Boston and then purchased by C. F. Martin in 1970 and then sold to a Korean company in 1980. 

This has 2 pre-amp tubes and 1 power tube (6SN7, 6L6, 5U4 rectifier).  This tone can range from clean with vibrato to nice classic rock break up when pushed.

I had this professionally checked out for functionality and had the pots cleaned up.  3 inputs – instruments can be plugged into any of the 3, with the 3rd input also suitable for a microphone.  2 volume controls – 1 each for instrument and microphone.  The 3rd control knob is on/off as well as bass and treble.  Just one small spot on the vibrato speed knob where it increases speed to the max, but overall the full range of vibrato and speed is functional.

"Thanks Paul, very happy :)" - Paul S, Professional Musician

​​Excellent condition Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 drum machine with AC Adaptor BRC-120T

Loaded with world-class drum, percussion, and bass sounds from Roland’s famous SRX library.  It also includes a stunning collection of original waveforms. You can get microscopic with the DR-880, but you also have the option of taking the simple route with its three EZ Compose buttons, which allow original patterns to be constructed without note-by-note programming hassles.

Patterns can be taken deeper with the Groove Modify feature, where various groove and triplet feels can be applied. Ghost notes and fills can also be added automatically. Guitar and bass players can join the action by plugging directly to the DR-880’s Guitar/Bass Input jack, and playing through the built-in COSM Drive/Amp models and multi-effects.

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Drum Machine - $225

"Top-notch seller!  Very professional, easy going and I could have talked shop all night!  100% recommend" - Roscoe G.

Very good condition PRS SE 30 1 x 12", 30 watt tube combo amp with PRS footswitch.  PRS introduced this model (designed by Doug Sewell) apparently in limited quantities in 2009

2 channels (Lead and Clean) that deliver sweet tube tones that can range from clean or clean with a little bite to crunch to medium-high gain.  Each channel has a “Bright” option, volume and 3-band EQ.  Master volume for each channel and master reverb.  I believe this was modeled after Marshall amps and it sounds it to me.  2 button footswitch for Channel and Reverb.

Cosmetically this is in very good condition, owned by a collector and never played out.

Marshall MG50DFX Solid State Combo - $185

Vintage Amp Tubes - Prices Below

1940's Vega Commander Tube Amp - $325

Behringer Rack Mount Tuner - $45

​Very good condition Silvertone Model 1482 Tube Combo Amp, great warm sounding tremolo machine and I believe all-original and that this is likely a 1965.

15 watts, 1 x 12”, 6 tubes with control panel mounted vertically on the right side.  2 instrument inputs and 1 microphone input in back with controls for volume and tone.  Tremolo controls for speed and strength.  Everything functions well and cosmetically this is in particularly good shape for its age.  ​This provides a unique, classic mid-'60s tone and would be a great clean platform for your pedals.

Peavey Ecoustic 112 Acoustic/Vocal Amp - $175

"(Retail music store) could learn a lot from you" - Colm A., consignment customer

Electro-Harmonix Muff Overdrive - $40

Charvel CH-200B practice amp - $50

Blackstar Amp Cab/Monitor modified - $125

PRS SE 30 Tube Combo Amp w/PRS f/s - $525

"That amp is my secret weapon....it's been on so many recordings" - Andrew, Music Producer

"Paul is the kind of guy you hope to do business with.  Super trustworthy, down to earth dude, not a drop of sketchiness to him." - Marc B.

Washburn WA-30 Acoustic Amp - $125

Very good condition, fully functional Peavey Ecoustic 112 acoustic/vocal amp.  Great amp for forced family fun singalong, basement practice, or when your gigs get going again.

This has inputs and controls for an instrument with a ¼” jack, as well as for vocals with inputs for both ¼’ and XLR microphones.  5 band EQ for each with master presence and reverb.  XLR output for balanced direct out, pre amp in/out, and effects loops for both microphone and input.

Excellent condition Marshall MG50DFX solid state combo amp.  Nice way to get the Marshall sound in a compact package for stage or practice use

50 watts of power from a 1 x 12' custom speaker, and 2 channels for Clean (controls for Gain (volume) and 3 band EQ) and Overdrive (controls for Gain, 3 band EQ and volume).

The effects are Delay, Chorus and Flange with controls for FX level, and reverb level.  Also an FDD button for additional tube emulation.

Marshall MG30CFX 4-Channel Combo - $150

"The amp is awesome!" - Chris C.

Good condition Behringer 2-channel BTR2000 Rackmount Tuner

Includes built-in mic for acoustic instruments.

11 different tuner modes plus a metronome

Good condition and fully functional Washburn WA-30 Acoustic Amp.  This can tilt back if you prefer.

30 watt, 1 x 10” solid state combo amp (looks like it has 2 tweeters as well), with the ability to plug in a guitar or other instrument concurrently with 2 microphones with mic inputs for both ¼” and XLR inputs

4 band EQ plus controls for reverb & chorus effects and line out option, it's ideal for the coffee house circuit.  Cosmetically no major scratches or dents.

Great finds on tube and solid-state amp heads, combos and cabs from Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, Randall, Carvin, Ampeg, Peavey and others plus effects (pedals and rack gear) 

Good condition Blackstar slanted amp cabinet that appears to have been modified be used both as a regular amp cab with a 1 x 12” made in the USA Eminence Legend speaker in front, as well as a 6” Focal speaker in the back. 

Each speaker has its own separate and fully function input in the back.  I don’t yet know the wattage that this can handle, but I see that there are a number of Blackstar 1 x 12” cabs rated to handle 80 watts.  Used either way, I tested this as both a both cab and monitor and it sounds great.   

I am not a tube guy, but got some from an amp tech who is.

These are tested, working vintage tubes as follows:

* (4) 1958 Baldwin by Raytheon 12AX7A tubes - $20/each

*  GE 5751 NOS in box - $35

*  GE 12AX7A NOS in box - $35