Excellent condition and fully functional Blackstar HT-1, 1-watt tube amp head.  This delivers a lot of punch from a small package!  The HT-1 is the perfect studio and practice guitar amp, packing all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning HT-5 valve amp into a 1 Watt format.

The patent-applied-for ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit on the guitar amp gives you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the tone control network and takes you from the USA to the UK and anywhere in between. Add a fully specified speaker emulated output, MP3 / Line Input, plus an 4-16Ω speaker output and you have everything you need for recording or practicing.

Very good condition, fully functioning Vox MV50 Rock Mini tube circuit amp head with original box.  The MV50 is equipped an all-analog pre-amp circuit that features Nutube, a revolutionary vacuum tube that produces authentic tube tone at a fraction of the size.

This delivers a great classic rock tone and weighs in at just over 1 lb.  12.5 watts RMS output at 16 ohms 25 watts at 8 ohms, 50 watts at 4 ohms.  Knob controls for gain, tone and volume and EQ switch for flat or deep.  I have this plugged into a 4 x 12” Red Bear/Gibson amp cab and it drives it very well.

​Very good condition Line 6 Spider II HD75, 75-watt solid state guitar amp head.  Plenty of tone options with 4 channels (Clean, Crunch, Metal and Insane), drive control, 3-band EQ and channel volume

Also effects – chorus, flange, phaser and tremolo as well as sweep echo, tape echo and reverb.  Inputs for CD/MP3 and FBV pedal (not included).  Outputs for phones/record and 2 speakers

Blackstar HT-1 Tube Amp Head - $160

​​​​"Wicked nice guy, always has awesome stuff for very reasonable prices. Absolutely worth a look" - Dana G.

​Good condition vintage Ampeg SS-70, 70 watt solid state combo amp, circa 1987 to 1990.

This is an extremely versatile amp with both great cleans and great gain with 1 x 12” Celestion G12 K-85, 8-ohm speaker and reverb through 2 channels (Gain and Clean).  Each channel has gain, 3-band EQ and an option for bright on Channel B (Clean).  2 inputs – high and low.  This sounds great and gets loud!

Cosmetically this is in good shape, just a very small tear on the front grille cloth and missing most of the cap covers on the knobs.​

Good-to-fair condition, fully functional Peavey Ecoustic 112 acoustic/vocal amp

This has inputs and controls for an instrument with a ¼” jack, as well as for vocals with inputs for both ¼’ and XLR microphones.  5 band EQ for each with master presence and reverb.  XLR output for balanced direct out, pre amp in/out, and effects loops for both microphone and input.

This sounds nice.  Cosmetically it has been around the block and has some dust, scuffs and scratches.

1940's Vega Commaner Tube Amp w/foot switch - $375

Electro-Harmonix Muff Overdrive: $40

​Very good condition and fully functional Electro-Harmonix Muff Overdrive pedal

Nice added overdrive and volume boost

Works fine with existing 9V battery, optional 9V AC adaptor is available as well


Ibanez Tone Blaster TB100H Amp Head - $125

Boss Metal Zone MT-2 in box: $45

​Good condition and fully functional Boss Metal Zone MT-2 effects pedal.

Over-the-top distortion with 3-band EQ = ultra-saturated tone.  Works with existing 9 volt battery, optional AC adapter can be included for $10 extra.

Includes original box and paperwork.  


Effects and Stuff

Rocktek '80's Distortion Pedal: $25

Good condition Rocktek DIR-1 Distortion Pedal.  I think this is from the mid to late 1980’s

Level, tone and distortion controls.  Works with it’s new 9V battery, but not with the AC adapters that I tried it with.


Good condition Blackstar slanted amp cabinet that appears to have been modified be used both as a regular amp cab with a 1 x 12” made in the USA Eminence Legend speaker in front, as well as a 6” Focal speaker in the back. 

Each speaker has its own separate and fully function input in the back.  I don’t yet know the wattage that this can handle, but I see that there are a number of Blackstar 1 x 12” cabs rated to handle 80 watts.  Used either way, I tested this as both a both cab and monitor and it sounds great.   

Crate MX120R 2 x 12" combo amp - $95

 1965 Silvertone 1482 Tube Combo Amp - $450

Behringer Rack Mount Tuner: $45

​Good condition Behringer 2-channel BTR2000 Rackmount Tuner

Multi-functional tuner including built-in microphone for use with acoustic instruments.  11 different tuner modes (e. g. "chromatic", "banjo" or open tunings) based on 12 equally tempered tones

Useful metronome, adjustable from 30 to 240 bpm with audible and visual beat indicator. You can also work on-the-fly with the manual TAP tempo function.  Integrated, switchable racklights with high-power LEDs for absolute control over your rack gear


Ampeg SS-70 Solid State Combo Amp - $170

​Good condition and functional Vega Commander tube amp from the 1940s, my best guess is 1946.  Vega has been in existence since 1903, originally in Boston and then purchased by C. F. Martin in 1970 and then sold to a Korean company in 1980.

I had this professionally checked out for functionality and had the pots cleaned up.  3 inputs – instruments can be plugged into any of the 3, with the 3rd input also suitable for a microphone.  2 volume controls – 1 each for instrument and microphone.  The 3rd control knob is on/off as well as bass and treble.  Just one small spot on the vibrato speed knob where it increases speed to the max, but overall the full range of vibrato and speed is functional.

This includes what appears to be the original footswitch used to turn the vibrato on and off.  Cosmetically this is in really good shape for a 73 year old amp!

"I love my amplifier" - Eliezer A.

"The amp is awesome!" - Chris C.

Good to fair condition, fully functional Crate MX120R 2 x 12" combo amp, made in the USA.  This is 115 watts and has surprisingly good clean tones as well as some intense gain and can get very loud!

2 footswitchable channels – Overdrive and Clean.   Overdrive has gain 1 and gain 2 with shape control plus low and high EQ and level (volume).  Clean has 3-band EQ and level.  Master reverb on both.  Cosmetically this has several scuffs and scratches​

"Top-notch seller!  Very professional, easy going and I could have talked shop all night!  100% recommend - Roscoe G.

Crate CA30DG Taos acoustic amp - $100

Very good condition Fender Princeton 65 DSP solid state combo amp with Fender footswitch

2 channels, 1 x 12” speaker, 65 watts, works well and very versatile.  Onboard DSP effects are: Reverb, Delay, Vibrato, Tremolo, Flange and Chorus.  The footswitch controls the clean/drive channels and effects on/off  

Line 6 Spider II HD75 Amp Head - $100

DOD TEC 4X Effects Processor: $50

​Good condition DOD Tek 4X guitar pre-amp multi effects processor.  The DOD TEC 4x was released during the time in DOD’s lifespan when they and Digitech were one in the same.

Offers 27 effects in three programmable configurations. including delay, reverb, distortion and others including Pixellator, Ring Modulator and Detune

Includes 9V AC adapter.  Video demo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rbB6SDPm_8


"That amp is my secret weapon....it's been on so many recordings" - Andrew, Music Producer

​Very good condition Silvertone Model 1482 Tube Combo Amp, great warm sounding tremolo machine and I believe all-original and that this is likely a 1965.

15 watts, 1 x 12”, 6 tubes with control panel mounted vertically on the right side.  2 instrument inputs and 1 microphone input in back with controls for volume and tone.  Tremolo controls for speed and strength.  Everything functions well and cosmetically this is in particularly good shape for its age.  ​This provides a unique, classic mid-'60s tone and would be a great clean platform for your pedals.

Vox MV50 Rock Mini Tube Circuit Amp Head - $135

Great finds on tube and solid-state amp heads, combos and cabs from Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, Randall, Carvin, Ampeg, Peavey and others plus effects (pedals and rack gear) 

B52 AT-100, 100 watt Tube Amp Head w/f.s. - $250

"Paul is the kind of guy you hope to do business with.  Super trustworthy, down to earth dude, not a drop of sketchiness to him." - Marc B.

Fender Princeton 65 DSP amp w/footswitch - $195

Amps and Effects

​Good condition, recently professionally checked out and fully crankin’ B52 AT-100, 100-watt tube amp head with B-52 foot switch.  This is a great metal and hard rock tube head.

Master volume, low-res (resonance) and reverb plus 3 channels with 3 band EQ- Clean (with bright button), Gain 1 (Crunch) and Gain 2 (Lead).  Tri-mode Rectifier switch in back to switch between tube and solid state (Tube A, Tube A+B, and solid state).   High and low gain inputs.  The assignable contour (mid-scoop) control gives you the ability to make each overdrive channel sound radically different.

Cosmetically this is in good-to-fair shape with several scuff marks (adds character, of course!) 

Behringer Ultratone K1800FX PA/Keyboard Amp - $150

Very good condition and fully functional Ibanez Tone Blaster TB100H, 100 watt solid state amp head

100 watt output at 8 ohms.  Overdrive channel with 3 band EQ (with pull shift control for midrange), reverb, volume and gain, this gets some great rock and metal tones.  Clean channel is surprisingly crisp IMO with 3 band EQ, reverb, volume and gain with boost button.  Master presence.  Overall this cranks and is in good condition.  Serial number S030708633

Blackstar Amp Cab/Monitor modified - $125

​Excellent condition Crate CA30DG Taos acoustic amp.  I got this from a youth sports organization that only used this 3 or 4 times for events.

The CA30DG features 30W, a Crate 8" high-fidelity speaker, special design tweeter, and award-winning onboard digital signal processing including a variety of reverb, delay, chorus, and multiple effects settings. 2 channels allow for instrument input and your option of vocals or an auxiliary source like a CD player or another instrument. Also includes 3-band EQ, 1/4" line out, slant-front cabinet, and an effects loop for mixing in external effects.  Cosmetically this is in great shape and includes original box.​

Peavey Ecoustic 112 Acoustic/Vocal Amp - $150

Excellent condition and lightly used Behringer Ultratone K1800FX, 180-watt PA/Keyboard Amp.  I got this from a youth sports organization used only 3-4 times for outside events.  Includes original box.

The Behringer Ultratone K1800FX is a keyboard amp and PA system with 180W of power, so you'll never run out of horsepower. The K1800FX is a 4-channel PA/keyboard amplifier enclosed in a bass reflex cabinet. It has a special beefed up 12" woofer and a custom-made 1" tweeter, delivering clear, clean sound that's ideal for larger gigs. It includes an internal 24-bit digital FX processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects. 

Vintage Amp Tubes: Prices Below

​I am not a tube guy, but I got some from an amp tech who is. 

These are tested, working vintage tubes as follows:

4 1958 Baldwin by Raytheon 12AX7A tubes - $20/each
GE 5751 NOS in box - $35
GE 12AX7A NOS in box $35