9 volt AC adapters - $10 to $15

"Super polite and helpful, check out his wares before you step foot in any chain store" - Cody C.

1/4" cables new and used - $10 to $20

Capos - $10

Or "whammy bars" if you prefer!  Various new and used

Branded electric gig bags (not the thin soft cases) hanging around. Fender, Epiphone, Schecter, OnStage, Chromacast etc.  Mostly used, some new.  $20 each.

​Acoustic Gig Bags:  I have 2 new gig bags, 1 from OnStage, 1 from Stagg - $25/each

​Bass Gig Bags:  I have 2 used ones (Kaces and OnStage) - $25/each

For your pedals, new and used 9 volt AC adaptors, new and used

Don't you hate it when you buy an amp and can't plug it in?!?

Used capos, sometimes I have new ones.

Raise your hand if your song started off with you on capo 2, but the rest of your band was on capo 3!  DOH!

Strings for electric, acoustic and bass guitar from Martin, Fender, Ernie Ball, D'Addario and others

"(My daughter) is so excited about her guitar! Thank you for all of your knowledge and a wonderful deal." - Kim C.

"Fair prices.  Great to do business with" - Grant M.


I am overflowing with tested XLR cables of various lengths.....pass the mic!

"Offers great deals and easy to deal with. Responds in timely fashion and works to accommodate meeting for purchase" - Joe H.

Rola Celestion G12-30 Speaker - $60

"Paul remembers his customers and is both trustworthy and reliable" - Vance C.

"I have purchased two guitars now and they are my go to instruments" - Brian G.

Various new and used electric and acoustic guitar straps.  I've got regular as well as locking straps

Gotta plug in, right?  Always have various new and used 1/4" instrument cables in stock

Guitar straps new and used - $10 to $25

AC Power Cables for Amps Used - $5

​Rola Celestion G12-30 Speaker Made in England.  The code printed on the chrome is T3319.

15 ohms (close enough to 16 for those Brits!)  Not sure what type of cab this was taken out of, but I got this from a reputable retailer and am told that this functions.  No visible rips or tears. ​

Tremolo arms new and used - $10 to $15

Got several nice heavy duty 1/4" speaker cables now, looking for more!

1/4" Speaker Cables - $15

Electric, bass & acoustic gig bags - $20 to $25

New and used accessories including guitar strings, straps, cables, gig bags, tremolo arms, capos, AC adapters, AC power cables and XLR cables.  

Guitar and bass strings new and used - $5 to $20

XLR Cables used - $15